Chandane Shimpit Jashi

I have heard this song since I was a kid when Aai used to play all cassettes of Asha Bhosle in a row. Little did I now that they would be having huge impact on me as an adult and on my musical work and career. Pt. Hridaynath ji’s compositions are known to have twists and this one is no exception.

Did you know that in Chandane Shimpit Jashi, the time signatures are different for the mukhdā and antarãs? The mukhdā is in 7/8 beat pattern ( easily identified as Rupak in the Tabla and Taals Catalogue ) and the antarās are in 4/4 beat pattern (easily identified as Teentaal in the Indian notation context) It is astonishing how both of them gel and transform into each other beautifully and a layman cannot understand the change in beat pattern.

Another such masterpiece by Pandit ji is Saavar Re

Would you like to know more such technical fun facts? Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

चांदणे शिंपीत जाशी चालतां तूं चंचले
ओंजळीं उधळीत मोतीं हासरी ताराफुलें

वाहती आकाशगंगा कीं कटीची मेखला
तेजपुंजाची झळाळी तार पदरा गुंफिलें

गुंतवीले जीव हे मंजीर कीं पायीं तुझ्या
जे तुझ्या तालावरी बोलावरी नादावले

गे निळावंती कशाला झांकिसी काया तुझी !
पाहुं दे मेघांविण सौंदर्य तुझें मोकळे

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