This is Us : an emotional trip you didn’t know you needed

This is Us is a drama series of 6 seasons which aired its Season Finale a couple of months ago in 2022. I am short of words to describe the emotional journey I went through while watching this magnificent piece of art. It is a story of a couple having triplets and the life revolving around each character and relationships.
This is Us is a university for study of relationships! It is phenomenal how subtly the story moves in time frames.
I started watching because I am a super fan of Mandy Moore as a singer and had absolutely no idea that she is an equally amazing actor. All the lead actors have done a stunning job of gluing all of us to the series over 6 years. Every episode is a huge emotional roller-coaster and it will add an element to your understanding of relationships (especially parenting)

6 seasons and over a hundred episodes is a lot of time commitment, I definitely agree. But a few pieces of art deserve that commitment and This is Us surely leads this list.
As always, the thing that made me more involved in this entire phenomenon was the spectacular music by Siddharth Khosla. The moment I hear the two verses of the theme, my heart feels warm and I am taken to an emotional ride by myself.

Here is my honest attempt to present a rendition of “This is Us” Theme composed by Siddharth Khosla in my way.
I wish I can meet this phenomenal composer and sing at least a line for him someday.

I personally recommend watching This is Us if you are a sensitive, cinema loving and deep thinking person. You won’t regret spending all those hours.

If you love listening to themes just like me, you may like the Panchayat theme or the Lagaan Theme too!

Sometimes I am bewildered at the diversification of my love for art. Whether is it Bha. Ra Tambe, Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar, R D Burman, Ed Sheeran, A R Rahman, Marathi, Hindi, English, Korean, French or Tamil, I just realised how simple everything is : It boils down to seven musical notes and pure human emotions.

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