Saee Tembhekar

Saee Tembhekar is a vocalist and a creative professional based in Pune, India. Saee’s music is known for soulful melodies & long -lasting memories

Mogara Album

Latest New Album by Saee Tembhekar

New original music

Songs written & composed by Saee are featured amongst the best on Spotify’s editorial playlist

Learn Music

Learn Light Music (Sugam Sangeet) Online with Saee

You can choose to learn in person or through Udemy in form of pre-recorded lectures

Book a Concert

Book a live music concert with Saee

Digital Media Services

Saee offers a range of services related to music, content creation and digital media

Guide to Home Recording

Sharing my personal experiences about creating your own home studio setup

This is a basic guide for setting up your home studios with 4 variants : Very Basic, Basic, Intermediary and Advanced.