I have inherited my love for plants and flowers from my mom.

Mogara is a song dedicated to the magical phenomenon of nature : the flower Mogara.
In India, almost all of us are used to the fragrance of Mogara since childhood and sometimes we miss out on appreciating its magic ! This song is a small attempt to do that!
In all my song-creation attempts, this one is where the poem by Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar was written first and the tune and the song came in later. It was possible because of the brilliant guitar accompaniment by my dear friend and outstanding musician : Radhika Anturkar

Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar
Guitars : Radhika Anturkar
Plus One Ventures Production

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फुललेला हा मोगरा, मला चांदणेच भासे
त्याचा मनमोही गंध, मज लावितसे पिसे

हिरवीकंच त्याची पाने, फुलासंगे कशी खेळे
पानाआडच लपूनी ,फूल बघू दरवळे

जसे चढतसे ग ऊन, त्यांचा बघावा फुलोरा
दाह सोसूनि सुगंध, देतो आपणा सारा

चुकवूनी कळीला त्या, फूल घेणे एक कला
जो प्रेमी मोगर्‍याचा, तोच करू जाणे भला

सरतील दिसमास, वेळ त्याची निघण्याची
वाट बघत राहीन, माझ्या या सख्याची..!


We are in the age where loneliness prevails amidst the crowds. Even when you are surrounded by a lot of people, you might feel awfully lonely due to circumstances.
But always remember! There is someone who cares for you!
This song is dedicated to that one amazing friend who always has your back and is eternally ready to pull you away from any deep dark tunnel!

I just had the concept of ‘being there for you’ or ‘तुझ्यासाठी’ in my mind for this song and I built the tune around the feel in my heart. Aai has written beautifully heartwarming lyrics which are intense yet so natural.
Sasmit Rudra’s piano has created an exceptional vibe for this song!

This is not a song for me but a feeling!
I want to spread the feeling that ‘someone always cares for you’, so always remember that someone and stay calm!

Enjoy this simple yet heartfelt feeling and please do share with your loved ones

Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Piano : Sasmit Rudra
Music and Vocals : Saee Tembhekar

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उदासीनता कधी वाटली ही तुला
हाक एक ती तू देशील जर का मला
मनाचे मनाशी हे नाते असे निर्मळ
धावेन मी असे सत्वर तुझ्यासाठी
मी तुझ्यासाठी मी सदा

मेघ हे काळे जे दाटून आले
तुझ्या या निळ्या अंबरी
मन हे तुझे दुखावे कुणी वा
घायाळ हो तू अंतरी
क्षण सारे ते हे आनंदी
पुलकित आणि स्वछंदी
भरून आणीन तुझ्या जीवनी , मी तुझ्यासाठी , मी सदा

कधी वाटले रे तुजला एकाकी
निराधार ही वाटले
टोकास पाऊल ठेविले असता
तू आठव मजला त्वरे
समजेन मी ती कारणे
उमजेन मी ते हारणे
सोडवू मिळवून सारी कोडी , तुझ्यासाठी

Tu Asata

This song is inspired by and dedicated to all the amazing senior citizens around me. All these people who support each other for decades, live every day to the fullest and admire tiny aspects of beauty in each other, make me believe in the magic of true companionship.

The song began with the concept of ‘Tu Asata’ in my mind and came out in the form of a tune on which Sadhana Aai wrote the phenomenal lyrics

The sound of Ukulele brings in a unique charm and adds vibrance to the feeling of love. Thanks to Radhika, we could make this song with this remarkable instrument.

Special thanks to the stars in the video Mr. Mohan and Mrs. Sunita Bal who joyfully agreed to do what they always do the best : be themselves!

Inspite of the strict lockdown, we could manage to film these amazing shots due to the incredibly talented Bharat who has done outstanding work with the home-shoot!

Enjoy this simple yet heartfelt feeling and please do share with your loved ones

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Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Ukulele and Guitars : Radhika Anturkar
Starring : Mr Mohan and Mrs Sunita Bal
Cinematography : Bharat Mohan Sunita
Music and Vocals : Saee Tembhekar

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With the utmost hope that you shower all of us with the same love that we put in making this, presenting the third song of my new album.

तू असता मज जग सारे
वाटते का नवे ?

सुमने जुनी जरी कागदी
भासे मला गंध भोवती
उजाड मज हे माळरान ताजे दिसे पान पान
दृष्टी ही मज नवी देई साथ ही

निशा ही जरी मिट्ट काजळी
चमचमते नभ भासे सोबती
मौनातही जरी तव भान ऐकू येई मज गान
श्रुष्टी ही साजिरी दावी साथ ही

Manaatali Me

Your heart knows what you are capable of. The song is about visualising your ambitions and dreams as the first step to make it true. Look at your own self inside and you’ll be surprised with the strength you hold! This song is specially dedicated to all women who dream to achieve any goal in life! DREAM, WORK and it will be yours!

Im proud to be the daughter of Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar who has always written and shared inspiring stuff
Special thanks to Akanksha Mahajan, the super talented artist who visualised the song into the wonderful animation that you are looking at.

Manaatali Me :

Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar
Artwork : Akanksha Mahajan

You can listen to this song on your favourite platform and use them in your Instagram and Facebook Stories.
With the utmost hope that you shower all of us with the same love that we put in making this, presenting the second song of my new album.

Lyrics :
शुभ्र ढगांच्या तलम घडीतून
लख्ख चांदणे चमचमते
शीतल चंद्राच्या झुल्यावर मनात मी ही झुलते

झुलता झुलता स्वप्न उद्याचे
नयनी माझ्या बघ फुलते
जगातल्या त्या उंच शिडीवर
अलगद जाऊन मग खुलते

स्वप्नरम्य त्या वातावरणी
मनात माझ्या मी रमते
अंतरातली मीच कधी मग
हलकेच अन उलगडते

You mean so much to me – the M-inglish song

When your heart is so full of love for that one person who makes everyday worthwhile, it needs a special song to say that out. This is that song. When I started writing this song, I started with the words : ‘You Mean So Much To Me’ and decided to keep them as it is and designed the entire song on that feeling.
The song can be said to be in M-Inglish ( Marathi-English) which kind of represents the way we speak today!

The song has been decorated with Sasmit Rudra’s mellifluous piano.
I was so delighted when Sanika and Abhishek loved the song and agreed to be the face of the emotion through their charming and adorable chemistry!
Special Thanks to Avee Kumthekar for the stunning cinematography (the Garudaa)

You can listen to this song on your favourite platform and use them in your instagram and Facebook Stories.

Watch on Youtube :

With the utmost hope that you shower all of us with the same love that we put in making this, presenting the first song of my new album

You Mean So Much To Me Lyrics

आज सांगायचे आहे हे तुला
आजकाल रोज वाटते मला
तुझ्याविन दिस सरावा कसा ?
तू पहाट तूच निशा
And that you mean so much to me!

मनातले हे गोड़ काहीसे
गुपित ऐक ना तू प्रिया आज
साथ तुझी ही इंद्रधनू परी
आणे जीवनी नवा साज
एक क्षण ना तुझ्याविन हा असे सारा खरा
Its that you mean so much to me
Just that you mean so much to me

Watch on Youtube :

Lyrics, Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar Music
Piano : Sasmit Rudra
Video Featuring : Sanika Mutalik Abhishek Kulkarni
Cinematography : Avee Kumthekar (The Garudaa)
A Plus One Ventures Production

You mean so much to me is a song in Marathi-English by Saee Tembhekar

5 things to begin your gardening journey

One thing that constantly inspired me and my music in the entire lockdown was my tiny home garden. I share my garden updates with my Instagram family and their constant motivation and queries inspired me to jot these points down. Having a few house plants will give you abundant happiness and joy along with a few health benefits too. Whether you are an avid gardener or an aspiring one, these few essential things will enrich your gardening journey.

  1. Potting soil

The basic ingredient to healthy plants is good quality potting soil. You can get some from local nurseries or have a go at this tried and tested one delivered at your home

2. Vermicompost

Adding this vermi-compost has shown good results with our flowering plants and the overall health of all house plants.

3. Manure

It is funny how we circle back to basics. Even though we have made huge cities and changed the essence of our lifestyle with technology, the basics like : strength of manure for plants, takes us back to the days when we knew these marvels without any pre-existing technologies. We try and put this manure in our plants at least once every 20 days

4. Grow bags

These lightweight grow bags are a win for beginning your gardening journey and are best suitable for apartments with balconies.

5. Veggie seeds

Start your home vegetable garden with this 10 variety of vegetable seeds. We have grown a couple easy ones at home and it is an amazingly fulfilling experience.

It is often said that we might think we are nurturing our garden but of course it is the garden that is nurturing us! Hope this brings you on-board the tiny home garden express and looking forward to hearing your amazing journey in it! Please do share this with anyone who wants to kick-start their gardening journey!

Summary : Just investing in these 5 things can land you in a beautiful tiny home garden.

Vermicompost 5 kg
Cow manure 2 kg
4 Grow bags 15 inches :
Potting Soil 5 kg :
Veggies Seeds 10 varieties :

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Music and its immortality

I am writing this post with a heavy heart as we lost one of our dear music composers today. Narendra Bhide a myriad of musical elements. He was a composer, arranger, musician, sound engineer, entrepreneur and most importantly, a true passionate music lover. He was known for his critical musical tastes and classy musical works. In the crowd of social media posts, his always stood out because they were infallibly straightforward, witty, yet meaningful and came right through his heart.

In all the condolences that I kept on reading, I was stunned to read this one sentiment : your music will always stay with us. That got me thinking on music and its immorality. Humanity has dealt with the loss of so many popular personalities over the ages. But today’s episode got me thinking. When a musician creates a melody or a beat and pours his heart in it while doing so, can it not be felt while listening to it again and again ? This must of course fulfil the prerequisite condition of establishing a bridge of emotional connect with the listener. When I listen to Micheal Jackson or RD Burman today, it is hard to believe that this person is physically not around anymore. It is almost like their music made them immortal. Coincidently today, I was also listening to the story of Alton Lomax who was an ethnomusicologist who spend almost 70 years collecting, archiving and conducting field recordings of thee 20th century music. While listening to a folk concert in the 1930’s which he had recorded (his collection has a physical recordings of all his work), it feels almost impossible to believe that this music was so old. It felt so alive and fresh as if someone was playing next door to me! That is the beauty of timeless music I guess!

Thought of penning down this flow of emotions that I had today. Sharing this recent power booster that I received from Narendra dada over my rendition of his composition : Avantika Title Song

Adding quality to your audio & video

I get go many queries about people wanting to start recording, making videos, and creating content but very few of them actually cross that ‘first step’ Even if we live in a ocean of information, sometimes the tiny content which you produce can positively affect someone’s life and maybe that is an amazing motivation to start.

Beginning is always the hardest step. Here are a few easy ways to begin creating content!

There is no doubt that social media is one of the most effective means to showcase your work, and even if you don’t want to get into it full-time, the quality of content that you post speaks a lot about you. Be it work-video calls which are LIVE or it is recording of content, quality of audio and video is important. For example, if you are recording a video from your phone camera, even if the content you are showing is fabulous, but the video is shaky, it will not give the viewer a good experience and might hamper your audience engagement. Using a tripod when recording videos can be an easiest way to improve your output quality.

I recommend using this light weight yet sturdy tripod (which I personally use and love) and you can get it here :

If you want to shoot videos outdoors too and want some flexibility on that front, try using this gorilla tripod which will work hard for you. This is a reasonable product and will work wonders on the stability than hand=held videos :

If you plan to talk in your videos and want clear voice you can try a base level lapel microphone to make the output sound better. I have personally used this :

This post is just to facilitate the process of motivation for you to start creating the content you want and not look back! Watch our for this space as I intend to share much more information about content creation process here!

This was a simple post to share my experiences of using digital media. If you would like to share any insights on this, please share it in the comments! Would love to know more! If you need a customised solution for digital media for any of your projects, I would be happy to help here :

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What is a hashtag

What is a hashtag and how to use it effectively for your work

If you are even 10% active on social media, you have definitely heard the term ‘hashtag’. Hashtags gained momentum on the social media platform of twitter where it was used for trending topics but gradually won over instagram and now facebook, linked-in too! I decided to write about this because I see a lot of ‘interesting’ usage of hashtags everyday and my OCD about proper titles, descriptions and social media elements poke me when I read them!

What is a hashtag?

In simple words, hashtag is text joint with the symbol of # and is used on the social media platforms to bring posts of similar topics under one heading. It is a ‘link’ which gathers various posts posted by different people who has used that specific hashtag under a giant umbrella. So when you want to make your post discoverable under a common interest you can use a trending hashtag for that topic. For example, when I release a new song in the marathi language, I can use the hashtag #newmarathisong to make bring it under the umbrella of collection of new marathi songs.

Things to keep in mind when using a hashtag

  1. A hashtag does not work with spaces. The text has to be joint with the symbol of #. So the correct hashtag is #newmarathisong and not # new marathi song.
  2. Hashtags are not case sensitive. But if your hashtag is not a single word, you can use capital letters to begin a new word and that would make it more readable. For example : #NewMarathiSong.
  3. Spellings are very important for hashtags. It is not about the correct or wrong spelling but about using the EXACT spelling of the hashtag you want to be under. Even if you want to say the same thing but there is one letter missing, your post won’t be included in the hashtag
  4. There is no rule as to who should use a hashtag, but if the purpose of it is to be fully understood, it is a discovery tool – if you are writing a post and hunting tool – if you are looking for content on a specific topic. So in this ideal scenario, #happy birthday #dear # best friend or something similar is of very little significance to the actual concept of hashtag.
  5. Here is how you can use hashtag for work . Try and search for trending hashtags in your area of work and use them in your relevant posts. If you want to learn more about a specific topic related to your work, search that hashtag in the search window of your social media platform and you will have a bundle of information on the same.
  6. You can create your own unique hashtag and use it every time you post to create your identity and bring all your posts under that umbrella. For example, all my travel blog posts are under #smtravelstories. This is unique hashtag to places we have visited and is not a discovery-based hashtag for travel industry.
  7. Avoid hashtag crowds. Too many hashtags make it difficult to read the post and can also seem annoying, There isn’t any rule as how many hashtags one must use, but we can try and keep it reasonable.

This was a simple post to share my experiences of using digital media. If you would like to share any insights on this, please share it in the comments! Would love to know more! If you need a customised solution for digital media for any of your projects, I would be happy to help here :

What really is the New Normal in Live Concerts

Though I have been on the microphone side of the stage for most instances, I have also enjoyed being on the speaker side to listen to my favourite artists live. The concept of Live Music is amongst the most affected by the current pandemic. Till the time it is safe to gather together, it wouldn’t be safe to conduct live concerts. It has been a rough time for all the artist fraternity; trying to figure out ways and means to continue doing their work.

Creativity is kind of an inbuilt plugin in the performing arts and that has led to explore online platforms to be able to present art in the new normal. All of us in the performing arts sector are striving towards implementing the best listening and viewing experience for our audience through online platforms. I can totally understand that all of us will be missing the overall feel and ambience of attending a live concert (not to forget the vada-pav in the intermission) Nevertheless, I can assure you ONE thing certainly as a representative of the artist community : the urge with which we perform remains the same, rather might be a tad more, to be able to reach you through the gigabytes of bandwidths.

I would like to conclude with a tiny request to all art and music lovers. Please try out this new perspective of attending live concerts in this ‘new normal’ and lets spread music, love and happiness in these difficult times.

If you decide to be a part of my live concerts, I would be thrilled to meet you on the other side of the screen. Please have a look at the latest event happening here :