Day 3 – The song that reminds you of a certain situation/event

I have lost the count of concerts I performed in, but I have sung this song very few number of times for reasons unknown to my analytical self! But the event which flashes across my mind the moment I hear ‘Bugadi Majhi’ is when we got to sing it WITH Asha ji on the stage in Philadelphia!

I can still feel the energy I felt standing next to the legend on the stage! It is a phenomenal memory! There were no instagram/facebook stories at that time but thankfully we have a few pictures to treasure the moments!

Which is your song for today? Let me know in the comments!

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Day 2 – The song that reminds you of someone

There are so many people we meet in life and so many relations we make! A few make it to the end, a few take a different route. This song reminds me of a friend with whom I lost touch more than a decade ago. I shared a beautiful relation with her and she always used to sing this song. I started to like this song because of her! I had written about this memory when I released this song last year on my youtube channel! If our paths cross again and if she ever reads this blog post, I am sure she will be happy!

Which is your song for today? Let me know in the comments!

f you are sharing on instagram, please use the hashtag #30daymusicchallengebysaee , so I can read your responses.

Day 1 – The song that reminds you of somewhere

Music and locations are always the best combination. I can think of 2 specific songs on this and I don’t want to leave out either of them.

First one being, Sonu Nigam’s Deewana, whenever I listen to this song, I am reminded of an old highway which was a single lane road going to Nagpur from Pune earlier in the early 2000’s. Me and my family had heard this song at least a 50 times on this long drive that was very special to us.

A recent memory of a song is the one which kept on playing on the USB of the driver uncle of our SUV when we were touring Ladakh. I have zero connection to knowing anything about the movie or the song but tt is magical how a location can connect instantly to a song and make you hate it/love it! I cannot NOT think of Ladakh whenever I listen to Cham cham cham!

Which is your song for today? Let me know in the comments!

f you are sharing on instagram, please use the hashtag #30daymusicchallengebysaee , so I can read your responses.

Sarivar Sar

Rain is one of the most favourite element of poetry and literature. Language doesn’t matter. Every connoisseur of life enjoys and expresses ‘rains’ in a unique way.

This year, it has been an undeclared drought. It is the last week of June and we are still waiting for the rains to show up. The planet is offering us free recurring gentle reminders of how global warming is real and how we as humans are failing (have already failed?) to tackle it!

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time and work with the remarkable Sandeep Khare. I have been an admirer of his work for so long. All of that deserves a full write up later. Today, sharing one of his sweetest rain-song for celebrating monsoon2022!

When we visited this hidden gem in Panchgani a few weeks ago, we got caught in small rain window of few minutes. This song came my mind , I started humming and recorded it as soon we got back to Pune!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this beautiful song by Sandeep dada!

Has the monsoon arrived in your city already?

30 day song challenge

I read about this on the internet and I am going to try and take up this challenge and you are welcome to take it with me! I’ll share one song and why – according to topic each day on my blog. I was reading about journalling and organising and I fancied that projects like these will help me stay on track with my chain of thoughts and help me analyse all music that runs in my head 24/7

Every day, I will share a song that I think of that makes me feel like the topic mentioned below. I know all of you have a playlist of songs and you can relate to it too! Come, join me! Drop in your favourites in the comments (You don’t need to enter all details, just your name and comment)

  1. A song that reminds you of somewhere
  2. A song that reminds you of someone
  3. A song that reminds of you a certain event/situation
  4. A song that you know all the words of
  5. A song you can dance to
  6. A song that makes you fall asleep
  7. A song from a band/artist you hate
  8. A song that is a guilty pleasure
  9. A song that no one would expect you to love
  10. A song that describes you
  11. A song that you used to love but now hate
  12. A song that you wish you suddenly heard on the radio
  13. A song that you listen to when you are angry
  14. A song you want to be played on your funeral
  15. A song that makes you laugh
  16. A song from your childhood with one distinct memory
  17. A song which was favourite at this time last year
  18. A song which you HAVE to play loud
  19. A song that sends you in deep thought
  20. A song that motivates you, makes you move forward in life
  21. A song from the year you were born which you may like
  22. A song that comforts your soul / gives you sukoon
  23. A kids-song (baalgeet) that you like
  24. A song that reminds you of rain/monsoon
  25. A song you would like to slow-dance to (with bae??!)
  26. A song you would play during the end of the world
  27. A song you don’t mind waking up to in the morning
  28. The song of which you like the cover better than the original
  29. A song which you are addicted to at the moment
  30. A song you like from a different language than your mother-tongue/hindi/english

If you are sharing on instagram, please use the hashtag #30daymusicchallengebysaee , so I can read your responses.

Starting tomorrow ! July 1 so it is easier for all of us to keep track! See you around!

Our go-to place for plant shopping in Pune

Me and my husband are both plant enthusiasts and we started our plant journey from 4 tiny plants in out little balcony to a 45 plant collection today in our new home! Gardening is an exceptionally satisfying experience and we love to spend time in our little green spaces.

We have tried a lot of options to buy seeds and plants but our current go-to place is this big nursery on NH-4

‘The Enchanted Garden’ is a perfect name for this nursery which offers a generous option of both indoor and outdoor plants. What I personally like about this place is that it is neatly organised and each plant is tagged with its name and price, helping you to make easy decisions

One word of caution though : we are never able to stick to our budgets and often overshoot while buying plants here : such is the power of the appealing display of the beautiful greens!

The right section of the nursery offers a stunning variety of planters, and plant stands alongside compost, plant food and plant medicine. We are experimenting with home compost since 1 year and have fabulous results ( I will write a separate blog post on that soon ), so we don’t usually buy compost from outside anymore

This is the only guilt free shopping I have been able to do since the past couple of years. While absorbing heaps of data/information/knowledge I have started to ponder a lot on the multiplying effects of push marketing, fast fashion and shallow lifestyles of almost all of us!

Outdoor section of the nursery

Hoarding stuff is not the right way to go about but having a little more plants will do more good than bad. So if you want to ramp up a green corner in your house, don’t hesitate to shop guilt-free !

*This is not a paid review and my honest and personal recommendation

Details and location of The Enchanted Garden

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Saya Tujhi

This song is very special for many reasons : One of the primary reasons being : It was the first song I every composed. I had no idea that I could do this. This tune came to me one fine day when I was doing my riyaz and I penned down the notation. I pestered mom to write the lyrics for me! And my best friend and a wonderful guitarist, Radhika Anturkar added her ravishing flavour to make this song what it is today!

This year my birthday fell on a Friday, my music release day and I thought I should sing an unplugged of my own song to celebrate. Radhika’s serene guitars to support me, I sang my heart out and created this unplugged version of my first original composition : Saya Tujhi !

Saya Tujhi is an emotion remembering /something you love, eager to meet him/her/it. It is not necessarily a romantic feeling. 2 years later today, I see it as a feeling of longing of anything close to your heart. It can be about getting back at something you used to do it school/college as your passion and couldn’t continue doing, because life happened!

I fondly remember a reaction given to me by a listener when the song has just released, that she collected it to her grandma (Aajji) who had just passed away. It made my heart so warm.

Hope you can connect it with something close to your heart and you can get the सय of it! Would love to hear your experiences!

Also, today being my birthday, would like to seek your blessings and wishes and it would mean the world to me if you could listen to any one song from the list below as a gift to me!

World Music Day 2022 – Je ne veux pas travailler (French)

Music knows no bounds of language, religions, race, ethnicity and beliefs! The sur and taal are going to be the same at any location in the world. I always talk about connection of science and music in my sessions and I am thankful to have given the opportunity in this lifetime to understand, experience and share the magic of music!

World Music Day is celebrated on June 21st every year and it originated in France. Musicians don’t need a special day to make music but I believe it is an occasion to celebrate the universal spirit of music.

This year, for the World Music Day 2022, I have made an honest attempt at singing one of the most popular french songs. I learnt french in college and have been an admirer of the french language and culture ever since. I took a long gap from talking fluently in French so please excuse my pronunciation mistakes. I promise I will get better at it with practice. Also, it is a total different ballgame to sing in the lower scales for the western compositions. It is totally opposite to my singing range and style, so I had a great learning experience while singing this! Please do listen to the magnificent composition by Pink Martini and let me know how you like it!

Wishing you all a very happy World Music Day! Always keep the music in you alive !

Hidden gem in Panchgani

We are always on a hunt for tranquil locations. We have been to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar so many times and we are lucky to find a new place every single time.

This photo above was the place we stumbled upon a couple of years ago.

And this June we went on a long drive on a weekday to arrive at a ticketed forest area giving a stunning panoramic views of Panchgani mountains. There are benches on the way to rest and soak in the bird calls.

Imagine walking into a canopy of trees, with nothing but the bird sounds to keep you company. It is an easy trek upwards to a small deck which hosts a 360 degree view to the mountains and tree-cover of Panchgani

As we went on a weekday, we had this gorgeous area all to ourselves. Imagine walking inside a forest (feeling safe) all by yourself with no crowds to take away your peace! It is (definitely) a plastic-free zone so if you carry your snacks with you, you have to make sure you take the plastic with you and drop it in the dustbin at the exit.

Imagine sitting here and reading a book!

We absolutely adore and crave for such places and we are lucky to find them at good times. There are a few such gems left and slowly mankind will eat up all the green spaces that once existed – sorry for stating this bitter-harsh truth. On one hand I feel that there can be so much done to avoid this savage future, but on the other hand I feel that it is already too late! We are already headed downhill, but we can surely reduce our pace.

Things we carry without fail to such treks : caps/hats, sunglasses, water bottles, little snacks like dry-fruits, small empty bag to keep our own garbage, cameras, tripods, good footwear.

P.S : It rained for literally 9 mins when we were here and we managed to shoot a few glimpses for my Friday music! Stay tuned!

For anyone and everyone promising to leave only your footprints there, sharing the location

Tumse Milke Aisa Laga

Lyrics have the power to express so many emotions in such a perfect manner. There are so many instances when listen to a song, and I say in my mind : This is EXACTLY what I want to say. I wrote a song for my husband a couple of years ago for his birthday to say exactly what i wanted to and this year, i felt I could share my feelings with this song!

Tumse Milke – for me feels like sitting on a shikara in a lake in Kashmir with the one you love. Cool air around you and no sound to disturb you other than the bird songs. Suresh ji Wadkar’s mesmerising voice has taken this song to another level!

This was a farmaaish to me from my man, and I thought what another time to post it than our birthday-anniversary month!? Hope you like my honest attempt at this melody! If you do, share it with your love with the message “This is what I want to say to you” : I am sure he/she will smile while listening to it.