Aaja piya tohe pyaar du

The combination of Lata didi and Pancham da has been a little rare. That is what makes songs like this one priceless. I have always tried to take inspiration from the original, keep the soul intact and give my full emotion to the song, while trying to sing it in my way. If you listen to this on headphones, I would like to mention a tiny little thing which I discovered and tried to implement while mixing this song. The initial adleeb Aaja Piya : is plain dry voice, with no reverb or effects. And the full effect on the vocals begins with the next Aaja piya along with the rhythm. I have tried to replicate this mixing technique in my song and it made me realise the magic of sound processing!

Would you like to know more facts like these? Do let me know, and I ‘ll plan to share it in details!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Balala Zop ka ga yet nahi (Angai from Ekda Kaay Zala)

Ekda KaaY Zala is a film by Saleel Kulkarni and it releases next week. This Angaai was released yesterday and I couldn’t stop humming it. Sandeep Khare’s words always do the magic and when combined with Saleel dada’s masterstroke melodies, it never fails to drench us in its beauty. Sunidhi Chauhan has sung this one so beautifully. It is hard to imagine it is the same singer who sang Sheela ki jawaani. A singer’s capability is shaped up many times by a song and an Angaai is certainly one amongst the forms having an incredible capacity to do so!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Also don’t forget to watch Ekda Kaay Zala at a theatre near you ! Many of my loved ones are involved in this film and it is indeed going to be special!

Jyoti kalash Chhalke

I have admired the concept of Bhupali !

Bhupali भूपाळी is a traditional form of music in Maharashtra which is sung early in the morning to wake up everyone. It is composed in the raag Bhupali which comprises of just 5 notes. I find it overwhelming how just five notes can create such diverse emotions and has such a wide spectrum of expression.

Jyoti kalash Chhalke is a hindi bhupali composed by Sudheer Phadke, Babuji and has a beautiful description of early morning. Joining me for this song is my friend and an amazing singer Deepika Jog. I always love Deepika’s rendition of this song and invited her to sing this one with me, to which she gladly obliged!

Hope you like our honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Jivalaga Kadhi Re Yeshil Tu

One of the most requested songs on my website was Jivalaga Kadhi Re Yeshil Tu. I was surprised when it came from youngsters along with elder music lovers. I had kept this song pending on the list for a long time because I have sung it so many times in live concerts that I wanted some time to miss the song and sing it again with a fresh attitude.

This marathi classic is famously known to have composed in 4 different raagas for all 4 antaras. The feeling of yearning is expressed with such excellence in this composition by Babuji (Sudheer Phadke) written by Ga Di Madgulkar. Asha ji’s voice is like an entire university and this song is the content of syllabus covered in it! Avid listeners know this song along with the beautiful interludes leading to all antaras composed in the 4 different raagas. So, it was a big challenge to produce this cover, without harming the soul of the song and yet trying to keep it fresh.

Hope you like this honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Paus medley

If you take a look at my work on youtube, you will find fewer mashups or medleys than full length songs because I am an admirer of lyrics as much as melody and I feel than mashups are a bit unjust to lyrics. You don’t get the full story of a song in a medley as a song shifts to another one seamlessly.

For this week, I have tried out this new pattern in my work. With the rains blessing my city finally (after a looong wait this year) I felt that just one song wouldn’t be enough to express the happiness that I felt upon meeting the rain. I have tried to clubbed 8 of my favourite songs into a medley for this week. There are so many things to be taken into consideration while preparing a medley. The scale, tempo, feel and overall appearance of the whole output together – everything needs to be in place to have a technically sound medley!

Do let me know in the comments how you find this honest attempt of mine and which one from the medley is your favourite song! Also, If you would like to listen to an individual song in its full length, please do let me know and I’ll try and make it happen soon!

Enjoy the monsoons and if travelling, please travel respectfully and sustainable. We have very few good nature-years left on our planet!

Sarivar Sar

Rain is one of the most favourite element of poetry and literature. Language doesn’t matter. Every connoisseur of life enjoys and expresses ‘rains’ in a unique way.

This year, it has been an undeclared drought. It is the last week of June and we are still waiting for the rains to show up. The planet is offering us free recurring gentle reminders of how global warming is real and how we as humans are failing (have already failed?) to tackle it!

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time and work with the remarkable Sandeep Khare. I have been an admirer of his work for so long. All of that deserves a full write up later. Today, sharing one of his sweetest rain-song for celebrating monsoon2022!

When we visited this hidden gem in Panchgani a few weeks ago, we got caught in small rain window of few minutes. This song came my mind , I started humming and recorded it as soon we got back to Pune!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this beautiful song by Sandeep dada!

Has the monsoon arrived in your city already?

Jeevanat hi ghadi

Even if it is just a poetic expression, I am sure all of us have come across at least one moment in life when we feel that time should freeze. Jeevanat Hi Ghadi is one such amazing piece of art portraying a similar emotion.

Pt. Yashwant Deo wrote and composed this song and it is sung by none other than Lata didi. Since 6th February 2022, I personally am in a different frame of mind when I listen to her songs. This song for me is a state of my mind where I forget everything and just feel the presence of her voice, that magic and that eternally magnificent yet simple emotion.

On another note, do you feel that today in the world of 5G, social media, rat race, abundance of data and such dramatic surroundings, will we find such pure and genuine moments where we feel like saying : जीवनात ही घडी अशीच राहु दे?

Here is a sweet memory of spending a whole musical day with Pt. Yashwant Deo when I attended his workshop as a kid.

Saee Tembhekar with Pt. Yashwant Deo

Hope you like my honest attempt at singing this masterpiece! See you all next week!