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Seat Belt Cover

I never sit in a car without a seatbelt but sometimes the sides of the belt scratch my neck and it is painful. So my mother-in-law made this beautiful seat belt cover for me. It is made of pure cotton, sustainable, handmade and made with lots of love and care. It is handmade and we have limited stock. Colours and designs may wary. Currently priced at 499/- (+ shipping at actual)

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This is a detailed video tutorial explaining the basic technical aspects of music that one must know for singing songs.
What you can learn in this mini-guide

What is Pitch / Scales, Introduction to Scales, what is Tempo, BPM, song structure, singing grammar eg, vibrato and 16 important terminologies in total!

This is a document-tutorial contains best practices for home recording which worked for me to achieve optimum sound output. This is a basic guide for setting up your home studios with 4 variants : Very Basic, Basic, Intermediary and Advanced.

This is a video tutorial which takes you through a 10 minute Riyaz Routine that I follow when I am short of time. This has helped me a lot and hope it helps you too!
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