Showcasing the products designed, made or curated by Saee available for sale on her website!

Rings by Saee

Personally though I am not a fashionista, I love to wear a ‘ring’ for all my music performances because that is one accessory that I can see while holding the microphone, reflecting the love from the audience, giving me confidence : to stand out and keep going. Presenting : Rings by Saee : for the simple yet elegant you.

Unplugged track

Get the track of the month at just Rs. 199/- The track is created by Saee for her song uploads on Youtube. You will be directed to download the track when you click on ‘Shop Now’ .(Sharing of downloaded track to anyone via any medium is strictly non advisable)

home recording guide

This is a basic guide for setting up your home studios with 4 variants : Very Basic, Basic, Intermediary and Advanced.