Majhiya Mana

Rutu Hirwa is a album very close to my heart because it is linked to that phase of my childhood when I actually fell in love with music and especially singing. I still remember the day mom bought the cassette of the album. I inherited the love for Asha Bhosle from my mom. When this album came out, it was out of stock for a long time My mom had gone to do some work in the city and she casually checked in a ‘music store’ (Gen Z wouldn’t know that these physically, conceptually existed) and there it was “Rutu Hirwa” on the New Arrivals rack. She bought it and hurried home. I still remember her excited face when she entered home and told us what she had got that day.

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I have had Rutu Hirwa on loop (read : Side A Change Side B Repeat ) for so many years on the tape recorder in my room. I remember each song with each music piece and every musical instrument played in it. The timing and phase in which we are exposed to music makes a huge difference in our lives.

Majhiya Mana is a lesser known song from the album. I love this composition by Shreedhar ji Phadke and it ranks amongst my top 2 songs from this album. Which are yours?

Raat Akeli Hai

I remember watching the film Jewel Thief as a kid and being fascinated by it. The part of it which was etched in my heart forever was the music. S D Burman da’s magic in the form of versatility with songs like Rulake gaya Sapana or Raat Akeli Hai or Hoton pe aise baat in the same album hit me differently. Is it just me or do these songs still feel as fresh as they were made yesterday?

Raat Akeli Hai is a very challenging song for a singer which needs use to controlled dynamics and so much expression. The song begins sublty in the middle octave and the way the cross line shoots up in the upper octave to the taar saptak ‘Gandhar‘ elevates the mood of the song to another level.

Asha didi has been a university to study in itself. The way she has applied vocal dynamics to this song is a topic each singer should study intricately. I had sung this song multiple times in live concerts but this is my first honest attempt at recording it. Singing a song live and recording it is a different ball game altogether. Would you like to know more about this?

Chain se humko kabhi

I am awestruck by the way in which music conveys melancholy or helplessness. Do you think any other thing in this world has this power to convey these emotions so effortlessly? ‘Chain se humko kabhi’ is such a distinct composition by OP Nayyar ji. The one who was known for the tanga rhythm and upbeat songs made this song which makes you stand still. I remember listening to this song in school when mom played the radio in the house and not getting even a single thing about it but still loving it. Today, I can wholly and fully understand what the emotions convey. I believe that after staying on this planet for a couple of decades in the humanity that exists today, it is hard to NOT come across a person to whom you would like to sing this song! What is your take on this?

Hope you enjoy my honest attempt at singing this melody! Thank you for listening and supporting as always!

Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu

Every now and then we need a reminder to live in the present and this beautiful song from Waqt scores 10/10 for this job!
Sahir Ludhianvi ji’s simple yet such effective words never fail to inspire me!
Hope you like this honest attempt & it inspires you to live in the moment !

Jo bhi hai, bas yehi ik pal hai!
Love & Peace