Saavar Re

There are endless romantic songs in all languages. I sometimes feel that romance is the most desired feelings chosen by writers to reflect their thoughts. There are numerous romantic favourites in my list but this marathi song with its peculiar lyrics makes it to the top. I was so lucky to sit next to its creator and perform this song a couple of times. He smiled at me through his thick glasses and even at the “joyful” age of 85, did not forget to appreciate me at the end of the concert for this song.

Mangesh Padgaonkar, the veteran lyricist in marathi literature, has a myriad of entrancing songs to his credit. The simplicity of his words and expressions is reflected from his personality.
Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s invincible style of compositions has created exceptional songs from which one of the masterpiece is “Saavar re….”

सावर रे सावर रे सावर रे उंच उंच झुला

सुख मला भिवविते सांगू कसे तुला ?

The song switches time signatures intelligently and the tune flowing with the chromatic notes gives a mesmerising touch to the whole song. She is in love, in deep love. She is so immensely happy that she is afraid of it. I sometimes feel, it relates to the feeling that you deny to accept at once, any sudden contentment that you face at some points in your life. Finding true love can fall in this bag of feelings.  The lyrics of the song are evident in all the aspects connected to love : dreams, nature, inner self, surrender, trust and faith. All of this compiles beautifully to this amazing masterpiece. 

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