Natun Thatun

I always used to feel : If only every person believed in themselves and in the fact that our looks, body is not something we control, the world would be such a better place!

Natun Thatun is a marathi song which emphasises on the fact that – you are beautiful the way you are’ and ‘your smile is your biggest ornament’. In this world of comparison & over use of filters to create a fake virtual world, this song is a reminder to focus on yourself as you are & being healthy and happy!

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Technical Info : Scale : F#| Time Signature : 4/4 | Tempo 90

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Lyrics : Tejas Gokhale
Percussion : Apurv Dravid
Flute : Nilesh Deshpande
Mix Master : Tushar Pandit
Concept, Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar

Special thanks : Amar Morale
Creative Splash Studio
A Plus One Ventures Production