Music and its immortality

I am writing this post with a heavy heart as we lost one of our dear music composers today. Narendra Bhide a myriad of musical elements. He was a composer, arranger, musician, sound engineer, entrepreneur and most importantly, a true passionate music lover. He was known for his critical musical tastes and classy musical works. In the crowd of social media posts, his always stood out because they were infallibly straightforward, witty, yet meaningful and came right through his heart.

In all the condolences that I kept on reading, I was stunned to read this one sentiment : your music will always stay with us. That got me thinking on music and its immorality. Humanity has dealt with the loss of so many popular personalities over the ages. But today’s episode got me thinking. When a musician creates a melody or a beat and pours his heart in it while doing so, can it not be felt while listening to it again and again ? This must of course fulfil the prerequisite condition of establishing a bridge of emotional connect with the listener. When I listen to Micheal Jackson or RD Burman today, it is hard to believe that this person is physically not around anymore. It is almost like their music made them immortal. Coincidently today, I was also listening to the story of Alton Lomax who was an ethnomusicologist who spend almost 70 years collecting, archiving and conducting field recordings of thee 20th century music. While listening to a folk concert in the 1930’s which he had recorded (his collection has a physical recordings of all his work), it feels almost impossible to believe that this music was so old. It felt so alive and fresh as if someone was playing next door to me! That is the beauty of timeless music I guess!

Thought of penning down this flow of emotions that I had today. Sharing this recent power booster that I received from Narendra dada over my rendition of his composition : Avantika Title Song

What really is the New Normal in Live Concerts

Though I have been on the microphone side of the stage for most instances, I have also enjoyed being on the speaker side to listen to my favourite artists live. The concept of Live Music is amongst the most affected by the current pandemic. Till the time it is safe to gather together, it wouldn’t be safe to conduct live concerts. It has been a rough time for all the artist fraternity; trying to figure out ways and means to continue doing their work.

Creativity is kind of an inbuilt plugin in the performing arts and that has led to explore online platforms to be able to present art in the new normal. All of us in the performing arts sector are striving towards implementing the best listening and viewing experience for our audience through online platforms. I can totally understand that all of us will be missing the overall feel and ambience of attending a live concert (not to forget the vada-pav in the intermission) Nevertheless, I can assure you ONE thing certainly as a representative of the artist community : the urge with which we perform remains the same, rather might be a tad more, to be able to reach you through the gigabytes of bandwidths.

I would like to conclude with a tiny request to all art and music lovers. Please try out this new perspective of attending live concerts in this ‘new normal’ and lets spread music, love and happiness in these difficult times.

If you decide to be a part of my live concerts, I would be thrilled to meet you on the other side of the screen. Please have a look at the latest event happening here :