Olya Sanjveli

Music has a multi-dimensional connection capability. It connects us to so many people, places, locations and memories. This song is special to me because of the lyricist. Ashwini Shende has written the song ‘Olya Sanjveli’ for the film Premachi Goshta. I was stunned at the line : उन्हे सावलीस बिलगावी since the moment I heard the song for the first time. The concept of the golden light of the evening falling into the arms of the shadows creates an emotion like no other. I am deliberately expressing myself in English here on this blog so as to invite all my non-marathi audience on-board to experience this beauty of marathi language. Ashwini has written a lot of such beautiful lines and has given lot of emotions faces in the form of her exquisite words, which only a capable and gifted writer can accomplish!

Saee Tembhekar and Ashwini Shende

I met Ashwini for a concert and we met as a singer-lyricist. But today, we share such a beautiful and genuine bond. It is hard to find a person with whom you can chat for hours without losing interest and who always makes you feel good, bright and positive all around! Hoping to sing a lot more songs (and originals too) written by Ashwini!

Hope you enjoy this sweet romantic song !

Majhiya Mana

Rutu Hirwa is a album very close to my heart because it is linked to that phase of my childhood when I actually fell in love with music and especially singing. I still remember the day mom bought the cassette of the album. I inherited the love for Asha Bhosle from my mom. When this album came out, it was out of stock for a long time My mom had gone to do some work in the city and she casually checked in a ‘music store’ (Gen Z wouldn’t know that these physically, conceptually existed) and there it was “Rutu Hirwa” on the New Arrivals rack. She bought it and hurried home. I still remember her excited face when she entered home and told us what she had got that day.

Image : Gaana.com

I have had Rutu Hirwa on loop (read : Side A Change Side B Repeat ) for so many years on the tape recorder in my room. I remember each song with each music piece and every musical instrument played in it. The timing and phase in which we are exposed to music makes a huge difference in our lives.

Majhiya Mana is a lesser known song from the album. I love this composition by Shreedhar ji Phadke and it ranks amongst my top 2 songs from this album. Which are yours?

Saavar Re

There are endless romantic songs in all languages. I sometimes feel that romance is the most desired feelings chosen by writers to reflect their thoughts. There are numerous romantic favourites in my list but this marathi song with its peculiar lyrics makes it to the top. I was so lucky to sit next to its creator and perform this song a couple of times. He smiled at me through his thick glasses and even at the “joyful” age of 85, did not forget to appreciate me at the end of the concert for this song.

Mangesh Padgaonkar, the veteran lyricist in marathi literature, has a myriad of entrancing songs to his credit. The simplicity of his words and expressions is reflected from his personality.
Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s invincible style of compositions has created exceptional songs from which one of the masterpiece is “Saavar re….”

सावर रे सावर रे सावर रे उंच उंच झुला

सुख मला भिवविते सांगू कसे तुला ?

The song switches time signatures intelligently and the tune flowing with the chromatic notes gives a mesmerising touch to the whole song. She is in love, in deep love. She is so immensely happy that she is afraid of it. I sometimes feel, it relates to the feeling that you deny to accept at once, any sudden contentment that you face at some points in your life. Finding true love can fall in this bag of feelings.  The lyrics of the song are evident in all the aspects connected to love : dreams, nature, inner self, surrender, trust and faith. All of this compiles beautifully to this amazing masterpiece. 

Bhay Ithale Sampat Nahi

Poet Grace and Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar together have created a bouquet of such remarkable songs. Whether it is Ti geli tevha Rimjhim, Bhay Ithale Sampat Nahi or any other song, the end product from the combination of these two extraordinary artists always leaves the listeners in awe. There are so many perspectives in the interpretations of Poet Grace’s words and it is a new experience listening to all of them.

I had not listened to/tried to sing any of Lata didi’s song since I heard the news. My heart just couldn’t handle the emotions. I feel the time taken to sink in the news was needed for me to be able to sing her songs again. I will share more as and when I can on this in this space. This is my first Lata didi song upload since then!

Which is your favourite Poet Grace song?

Maitrinno Sangu Naka

We have come a long way from the feeling of this song as women but today I would to like to celebrate the genuineness, simplicity and eagerness in this song! Feelings that are on the verge of getting extinct. Music, literature has a magical way to preserve them and sharing one of the sweetest composition by Gajananrao Vatve ji from the old era today!

Hope this takes a few people down the memory lane and takes the other few towards seeking purity of emotions!

Do share it with your Aai, Mavshi, Aaji, Atya and Kaku and Maitrini, of course!