Sarivar Sar

Rain is one of the most favourite element of poetry and literature. Language doesn’t matter. Every connoisseur of life enjoys and expresses ‘rains’ in a unique way.

This year, it has been an undeclared drought. It is the last week of June and we are still waiting for the rains to show up. The planet is offering us free recurring gentle reminders of how global warming is real and how we as humans are failing (have already failed?) to tackle it!

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time and work with the remarkable Sandeep Khare. I have been an admirer of his work for so long. All of that deserves a full write up later. Today, sharing one of his sweetest rain-song for celebrating monsoon2022!

When we visited this hidden gem in Panchgani a few weeks ago, we got caught in small rain window of few minutes. This song came my mind , I started humming and recorded it as soon we got back to Pune!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this beautiful song by Sandeep dada!

Has the monsoon arrived in your city already?

Saya Tujhi

This song is very special for many reasons : One of the primary reasons being : It was the first song I every composed. I had no idea that I could do this. This tune came to me one fine day when I was doing my riyaz and I penned down the notation. I pestered mom to write the lyrics for me! And my best friend and a wonderful guitarist, Radhika Anturkar added her ravishing flavour to make this song what it is today!

This year my birthday fell on a Friday, my music release day and I thought I should sing an unplugged of my own song to celebrate. Radhika’s serene guitars to support me, I sang my heart out and created this unplugged version of my first original composition : Saya Tujhi !

Saya Tujhi is an emotion remembering /something you love, eager to meet him/her/it. It is not necessarily a romantic feeling. 2 years later today, I see it as a feeling of longing of anything close to your heart. It can be about getting back at something you used to do it school/college as your passion and couldn’t continue doing, because life happened!

I fondly remember a reaction given to me by a listener when the song has just released, that she collected it to her grandma (Aajji) who had just passed away. It made my heart so warm.

Hope you can connect it with something close to your heart and you can get the सय of it! Would love to hear your experiences!

Also, today being my birthday, would like to seek your blessings and wishes and it would mean the world to me if you could listen to any one song from the list below as a gift to me!

Galavar Khali

A song has so many aspects to it : the lyrics, the composition, the singer’s voice, the music arrangement/ production, the musicians’ soul in it and a couple more. When all the elements fall right in the place to form a perfect puzzle picture, it makes it to the top of the list for more people. I sincerely believe that music is subjective and a song that I love might be in your hate list. But there are a few songs which make it to more love-lists and I believe this one is one amongst them.

Like I have always mentioned from the beginning of creating my official channel, I always wanted to sing the songs which I could rarely sing on stage in my concerts. So you’ll find a lot of male voiced songs in my voice on my channel. I have loved these compositions and have always wanted to attempt singing them and am grateful to have found a place where I can do that.

Swapnil Bandodkar’s voice is like a honey-dipped tiger roar in this one : soft yet so firm and confident about his feelings about his love! I love the usage of komal rishabh by Ajay Atul which in my humble opinion elevates the romantic feeling in this composition.

Hope you like my honest attempt at this melody!