1. Saee Tembhekar reserves rights to change any content on this website including services and products without prior communication.
2 One on one sessions can be booked to learn music/ consultation and feedback and will be confirmed only upon full payment
3. Payments need to be made in advance for each session/workshop.
4. Session once booked cannot be cancelled.
5. Music is an art dependant on personal skill and the end result differs from person to person. We do not guarantee any sort of performance from any participant in any manner.
6. Admission of the participant is at the discretion of Plus One Ventures
7. All the rights to the material provided during the sessions remain with Plus One Ventures.
8. The person engaging commercially with this website states that all the information entered by him/her any form on the website (and communicated otherwise through whatsapp/email) is true and correct.

9. Person communicating with Saee for sessions needs to have a stable internet connection. Sessions will not be re-conducted because of internet issues (barring certain emergency situations)

10. The guides/tutorials on the website are based on personal experiences and does not guarantee anything.

11 Online workshops can be cancelled (with full refund) if minimum registration requirement is not fulfilled

Saee Tembhekar or Plus One Ventures holds limited liabilities limited to conducting the online sessions and adhering to the product quality in the ‘shop’ section.

Contact : Email on contact@saeetembhekar.com for any questions

Policy effective date : June 1 2020