Raaga Series Coasters


Introducing premium quality acrylic coasters based in Indian Classical Raagas for Classical music lovers.


Introducing premium quality acrylic coasters for Classical music lovers. I am very particular with respect to coasters and always have one handy for my morning tea, coffee or occasional wine. Since Music is on my mind 24/7, I thought about this design while sipping coffee in my garden one day and tried my hand at painting it at first.
The Name of the Raaga and the Aaroh, Avroh below it in this minimalistic design will adorn your coffee table and will be a cherry-on-the-top for meaningful conversations over music.
We currently have a set of 4 Raagas and will be introducing more variety soon.
Size : 9 cm by 9 cm by 0.5 cm
Material : Premium Acrylic

Please Note The colours may look different than the photograph depending on the lighting conditions

Check this out : https://saeetembhekar.com/raaga-series-swaras/