Laajun Haasane

I was unbelievably happy to see the response to an extremely rare marathi classic that I sang a couple of weeks ago : Shravanat Ghanneela 1500+ people decided to share this song to their friends and ~ 390000+ people viewed it. (as on 22/9/22) I am not behind numbers but I am super glad of the fact that such rare and beautiful melodies are loved by so many people.

Continuing to explore Shreenivas khale kaka’s magical compositions, the next one in line is : Laajun Haasane. This is sung by Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar and Is definitely a male oriented song. But I have gained a very different perspective towards music and I believe emotion is gender-neutral. I always wanted to sing this phenomenal composition by Khale kaka and dive into the miraculous words by Mangesh ji Padgaonkar.

डोळ्यांस पापण्यांचा का सांग भार व्हावा?
मिटताच पापण्या अन् का चंद्रही दिसावा?
हे प्रश्न जीवघेणे हरती जिथे शहाणे
मी ओळखून आहे सारे तुझे बहाणे

It is one of the most romantic songs made in marathi and I am in awe with how such intense yet complex emotions can be put into such simple and subtle words! My heart longs for simpler times when a guy/girl would express their love in such a poetic manner! Alas! Trying to enter that simpler world through singing these wonderful melodies!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Laajun Haasane by Saee : Scale F (paandhari 4) Tempo 135, Time Signature 3/4

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