Shravanat Ghanneela

‘Shraavan’ is one of the most poetic months. There are so many beautiful poems on Shraavan in marathi. One of the songs that you cannot skip when you think about Shraavan is ‘Shravanāt Ghannela’ by Lata didi. Usually in a composition, the melody of the antarās is the same or at least the alternate antarās are same in tune. But in this remarkable composition, Shreenivas ji Khale has composed 4 Antares on 4 unique tunes, each with a separate identity, feel, and emotion. The combination of Mangesh ji Padgaonkar, Shreenivas ji Khale and Lata didi has created a masterpiece like none other. Every person who has learnt music at some stage will understand when I say how technically difficult it is to render this song. The harkat in the word ‘morpisārā’ is like a cascading waterfall and it took me so many years to understand and sing it close to how it is.

I have sung the first, third and fourth antarā in my rendition. If you miss the second antara, DM me on insta and I’ll sing it for you 🙂

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Shravanat Ghanneela by Saee : Scale D (paandhari 2) Tempo 141, Time Signature 4/4

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