You mean so much to me – the M-inglish song

When your heart is so full of love for that one person who makes everyday worthwhile, it needs a special song to say that out. This is that song. When I started writing this song, I started with the words : ‘You Mean So Much To Me’ and decided to keep them as it is and designed the entire song on that feeling.
The song can be said to be in M-Inglish ( Marathi-English) which kind of represents the way we speak today!

The song has been decorated with Sasmit Rudra’s mellifluous piano.
I was so delighted when Sanika and Abhishek loved the song and agreed to be the face of the emotion through their charming and adorable chemistry!
Special Thanks to Avee Kumthekar for the stunning cinematography (the Garudaa)

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With the utmost hope that you shower all of us with the same love that we put in making this, presenting the first song of my new album

You Mean So Much To Me Lyrics

आज सांगायचे आहे हे तुला
आजकाल रोज वाटते मला
तुझ्याविन दिस सरावा कसा ?
तू पहाट तूच निशा
And that you mean so much to me!

मनातले हे गोड़ काहीसे
गुपित ऐक ना तू प्रिया आज
साथ तुझी ही इंद्रधनू परी
आणे जीवनी नवा साज
एक क्षण ना तुझ्याविन हा असे सारा खरा
Its that you mean so much to me
Just that you mean so much to me

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Lyrics, Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar Music
Piano : Sasmit Rudra
Video Featuring : Sanika Mutalik Abhishek Kulkarni
Cinematography : Avee Kumthekar (The Garudaa)
A Plus One Ventures Production

You mean so much to me is a song in Marathi-English by Saee Tembhekar

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