You Mean So Much to Me (Live in Concert)

I usually don’t upload videos from Live concerts as it doesn’t remain ‘live’ anymore but this one is special ❤️

I have been performing in Live concerts for over 15 years now and have sung over 500 different songs But the feeling to present your own original piece of work is extraordinary!
It was a gratifying experience to sing the song composed and written by me in this Live concert. It was not possible without my fabulous team, especially the tweaks at the end of the song made it so lively and energetic!

Co-Singer : Chaitanya Kulkarni
Nivedan : Snehal Damle
Keys : Amruta Thakurdesai
Guitars : Tanmay Pawar
Western Drums : Abhijeet Bhade
Tabla : Vikram Bhat
Sound : Sunil Pansare
Lights : Sushrut Joshi
Special Thanks for the video : Akshada Risbud

Listen to the original song here :

Hope you like our honest attempt! Please share, love, comment if you do!

आज सांगायचे आहे हे तुला
आजकाल रोज वाटते मला
तुझ्याविन दिस सरावा कसा ?
तू पहाट तूच निशा
And that you mean so much to me!

मनातले हे गोड़ काहीसे
गुपित ऐक ना तू प्रिया आज
साथ तुझी ही इंद्रधनू परी
आणे जीवनी नवा साज
एक क्षण ना तुझ्याविन हा असे सारा खरा
Its that you mean so much to me
Just that you mean so much to me

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