Manaatali Me

Your heart knows what you are capable of. The song is about visualising your ambitions and dreams as the first step to make it true. Look at your own self inside and you’ll be surprised with the strength you hold! This song is specially dedicated to all women who dream to achieve any goal in life! DREAM, WORK and it will be yours!

Im proud to be the daughter of Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar who has always written and shared inspiring stuff
Special thanks to Akanksha Mahajan, the super talented artist who visualised the song into the wonderful animation that you are looking at.

Manaatali Me :

Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar
Artwork : Akanksha Mahajan

You can listen to this song on your favourite platform and use them in your Instagram and Facebook Stories.
With the utmost hope that you shower all of us with the same love that we put in making this, presenting the second song of my new album.

Lyrics :
शुभ्र ढगांच्या तलम घडीतून
लख्ख चांदणे चमचमते
शीतल चंद्राच्या झुल्यावर मनात मी ही झुलते

झुलता झुलता स्वप्न उद्याचे
नयनी माझ्या बघ फुलते
जगातल्या त्या उंच शिडीवर
अलगद जाऊन मग खुलते

स्वप्नरम्य त्या वातावरणी
मनात माझ्या मी रमते
अंतरातली मीच कधी मग
हलकेच अन उलगडते

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