Aaoge Jab Tum

Jab We Met was a total entertainer but for me, it was more memorable because of its music. The film had a versatile platter of songs due to the circumstances in it. I enjoy singing Ye Ishq Hai in Live concerts and also tried my hands on an unplugged piano version of Tumse Hi on my channel a couple of years ago.

After experiencing relationships from a broader perspectives in the past few years, I could comprehend a newer meaning to this song – Aaoge Jab Tum by Ustad Rashid Khan and wanted to attempt singing it.

Do you have any memories or stories associated with this song or Jab We Met?

My favourite phrases/glimpses from the film are : mein apni favourite hoon, hotel decent, mujhe nahi dekhne ganne ke khet, main kyun dekhu ganne ke khet? And my favourite song is the reason for this blog!

Bhay Ithale Sampat Nahi

Poet Grace and Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar together have created a bouquet of such remarkable songs. Whether it is Ti geli tevha Rimjhim, Bhay Ithale Sampat Nahi or any other song, the end product from the combination of these two extraordinary artists always leaves the listeners in awe. There are so many perspectives in the interpretations of Poet Grace’s words and it is a new experience listening to all of them.

I had not listened to/tried to sing any of Lata didi’s song since I heard the news. My heart just couldn’t handle the emotions. I feel the time taken to sink in the news was needed for me to be able to sing her songs again. I will share more as and when I can on this in this space. This is my first Lata didi song upload since then!

Which is your favourite Poet Grace song?

Chain se humko kabhi

I am awestruck by the way in which music conveys melancholy or helplessness. Do you think any other thing in this world has this power to convey these emotions so effortlessly? ‘Chain se humko kabhi’ is such a distinct composition by OP Nayyar ji. The one who was known for the tanga rhythm and upbeat songs made this song which makes you stand still. I remember listening to this song in school when mom played the radio in the house and not getting even a single thing about it but still loving it. Today, I can wholly and fully understand what the emotions convey. I believe that after staying on this planet for a couple of decades in the humanity that exists today, it is hard to NOT come across a person to whom you would like to sing this song! What is your take on this?

Hope you enjoy my honest attempt at singing this melody! Thank you for listening and supporting as always!

Kata Rute Kunala

I have a very unique cozy feeling whenever I think/talk about Shanta bai Shelke. I am unfortunate to have not had the privilege to meet her, but I always feel I have always met her. Whenever I think of my Aaji, I feel like Im thinking about Shantabai Shelke. She feels like my aaji, who used to love me so much, care about me, read me stories and bless me with well-being. Amongst all the songs written by her, I never had the opportunity to sing ‘Kata Rute Kunala’ and this is my first and honest attempt. I have had the opportunity to perform and interact with a lot of disciples & ardent followers of Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. This is my interpretation of this masterpiece by Panditji and I have tried to sing it the way I understood it.

There is so much treasure in our old literature and I am having the best time in digging gems out and attempting to sing them. Is there anything you would like to listen to in my voice ? Please do drop in the suggestions in the comments ! Thank you for listening and supporting always!

Kuch Na Kaho

1942 a love story was an immensely intense film which came in during my childhood. Since I was a kid, I was not allowed to watch this film at that time, but I remember to have listened to all the songs on loop and I remember them word by word (bar by bar – in our musical language) even today.

I learnt today that 1942 – A love story was the first Indian film to use dolby stereo. The songs were composed by Pancham da, R.D Burman and it was one of his last work. Being an ardent fan of Pancham da’s work, singing the compositions which were his last is an emotional ride.

Kuch na Kaho starts off appearing as a simple composition but as the song progresses, we can see the magic of Pancham da! The way he starts the song at ‘Sa’ both the ‘madhyams‘ , rests on ‘pancham‘ and ascends to the ‘taar saptak sa‘ in the mukhda itself, to paint a whole arena of emotions is phenomenal. My most favourite part in the song is the line ‘kya kehna hai’ It is a sure-shot goosebump-y line when it comes with perfect emotion.

Which is your favourite song from the film ?

Yeh Loh Mein Haari Piya

Entering the mesmerizing world of Geeta Dutt. Here is my honest attempt at recreating the magic of this beautiful melody close to all of our hearts. The magic of Geeta Dutt songs is that, inspite of being sweet and hummable, they are extremely difficult to sing technically. She was such a miraculously talented singer who have given us so many wonderful songs!

Hope this song brighten’s your day and makes you smile more 🙂

Love & Peace

Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu

Every now and then we need a reminder to live in the present and this beautiful song from Waqt scores 10/10 for this job!
Sahir Ludhianvi ji’s simple yet such effective words never fail to inspire me!
Hope you like this honest attempt & it inspires you to live in the moment !

Jo bhi hai, bas yehi ik pal hai!
Love & Peace

Maitrinno Sangu Naka

We have come a long way from the feeling of this song as women but today I would to like to celebrate the genuineness, simplicity and eagerness in this song! Feelings that are on the verge of getting extinct. Music, literature has a magical way to preserve them and sharing one of the sweetest composition by Gajananrao Vatve ji from the old era today!

Hope this takes a few people down the memory lane and takes the other few towards seeking purity of emotions!

Do share it with your Aai, Mavshi, Aaji, Atya and Kaku and Maitrini, of course!

The world will never be the same again

The moment I heard it, I became thoughtless and still. All of us knew this news was going to appear one day, but no one of us was ready for it. There will be millions of words written, tears shed, songs sung and words spoken about her today. The intensity of my emotions passed on from inside me on this page holding the hand of the ‘inspiration’ that I had with me since the day I began to understand ‘music’. I understand what ‘loss-of-words’ means in a very different way today.

The world will never be the same again. We live in a different world starting today. A world which became lighter, because the breaths of a legendary human, who’s voice made the lives of a million people worthwhile, does not exist anymore. I am not going to write about how remarkable she was or how many songs she sang. I know words can never be enough to express these things. The sentiments that millions of Indians are experiencing today are proof of the existence of her voice in their hearts. She is immortal through her music. We all feel that we have lost a family member today. Her voice was a mother/father/sister/brother/spouse for each one of us at some point in our lives. Her voice is like a pat on the back when you are feeling low, or a warm hug when you feel like nothing is working out or like a hand that pulls you out from a deep pit.

92 years of her existence of this planet was has been an era of music which will be hard to experience again. I am so blessed to have seen/experienced a part of that. Though she obviously lives amongst us through her music, the fact that she isn’t physically here, makes this world a totally different place. There is a missing piece of puzzle and the picture will always feel incomplete.

Till the time I regain my emotional strength to sing something by her again, sharing my past performances which define Lata Didi for me !

Thank you for choosing to live amongst us, Lata didi! You will be missed !

I kept you like an oath

When music hits the heart, it defines its purpose of existence. This 10 min song by Taylor took me to a different realm and I was speechless for a long time! I feel I might be a different person now that I have seen and heard this. There is so much phenomenal music already existing (and may be in the making) yet to be heard and shared!

Musical excellence and greatness comes in all different sizes, languages, ages and personalities. I know my surroundings revolve around a totally different genre of music and not all the people associated with my music will get this, but to give a perspective, this song touched me in a way ‘Mera kuch saaman’ by Gulzar ji or ‘Jan Palbhar Mhantil by Bha Ra Tembe ji did.

Image courtesy : Buzzfeed

You kept me like a secret

But I kept you like an oath

Taylor Swift