Ghanu Waje Ghuna Ghuna

The word ‘Abhang‘ is derived by combining A meaning without and bhang meaning ending. Something that does not have an ending, like the devotion expressed in it In Maharashtra, we have a treasure of Santwani or Abhang penned by renonwed saints exploring live sessions and devotion to the deity of Vitthal Rakhumai.

There is something about the structure of words and compositions by accomplished composers that brings an inbuilt serenity in these Abhangs.

This week’s song is an Abhang written by Sant Dnyaneshwar, composed by Pt Hridaynath Mangeshkar. The composition is based on the raag Bageshri which is one of the prominent raags following the path of the swar madhyam instead of pancham..

I hope the peace and the happiness that I felt while singing this is passed on to you via this video! This was shot in konkan in one of the most beautiful little villages that I know!

Please do share the music if you like it!

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