Shri Ram Chandra Krupalu

It is magical how devotional music has an inbuilt plug-in of calm and peace in it. Whether it is an abhang, a bhajan, or a praarthana, I instantly feel calm when I sing/listen to it

This Ramnavmi I have tried to sing a Ram Bhajan written by Mahakavi Tulsidas ji. There are numerous compositions built around this one. I have always listened to Lata didi’s version of this bhajan and here is my honest attempt at it.

Hope it gives you as much peace as it gives me!

Musically, I feel that the time signature of 7/8 into the devotional emotion is a combination which hits a different high!

Please do share this with your loved ones, it it makes you happy!

See you again soon with the Friday song!

Scale D Tempo 69 , Time Signature 7/8

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