Me Radhika Me Premika

Tejomaya Naadbramha was one of my most favourite marathi cassette after Rutu Hirwa. I remember listening to the cassette on loop during my school and early college days. It was a new sound and I love the compositions by Shreedhar Ji Phadke. They were very wholesome and always made me feel something.

Me Radhika sung by Arti Kalkalikar tai has been a song close to the heart of a lot of marathi listeners. Iv heard this song so many times. But I never had the opportunity to sing it in live concerts. This is my first and honest attempt at the song in a new arrangement.

Iv sung it in C in the tempo of 90 in the time signature of 4/4. The original song is in Drut Ektaal. Since I did not have a tabla while recording this, Iv tried to re-imagine the rhythm in a fresh perspective.

Please do share the music if you like it!

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