Awara Bhaware

I am a pure ninetees kid by heart and I am so thankful that I grew up in the era of A R Rahman’s prime work. Just like old evergreen song have its own charm, the ninetees songs have a spice to it which is like none other Every single note and rhythm of these songs is pure nostalgia to me and I am instantly taken back to my care-free school days of listening to songs on cassettes and watching MTV top 10 Songcharts!

Awara Bhaware was every girl’s dream song! The upbeat rhythm made sure your mood is good the moment you start humming this song. I have never really understood the meaning of ‘ Hilkore hilkore’ from this song Please let me know if you know what it means! The lyrics of this song are as beautiful as the melody and they urge you to find and follow the music which lies in every element around you!

I am in the ninetees feel this whole week and thought this Friday should be dedicated to one of the most beautiful ninetees songs! Please do share and love if you liked my honest attempt and hope it makes you as happy as it made me!

Laal Ishq D Tempo 93 , Time Signature 4/4

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