Eka Talyat Hoti

There are times when we doubt ourselves, It is in human nature to see around us and feel insecure. We begin to feel we are in the wrong place. Are we a mis-fit to the surrounding? Why does everyone seem to look and behave in a way that we don’t understand?

At times like this, this masterpiece written by Ga Di Madgulkar and composed by Shreenivas ji Khale gives me all the strength that I need. This is the story of the ‘ugly duckling’. Though it is popular as a kids-tale, or a kids-song, I believe it is very much applicable to adults and all of us need this reminder.

Do not be afraid if you believe in yourself.

पाण्यात पाहताना चोरूनिया क्षणैक 

त्याचेच त्या कळले, तो राजहंस एक ! 🦆

Please do share the music if you like it! Iv sung it in Eb minor in the time signature of 3/4 and tempo 168

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