I kept you like an oath

When music hits the heart, it defines its purpose of existence. This 10 min song by Taylor took me to a different realm and I was speechless for a long time! I feel I might be a different person now that I have seen and heard this. There is so much phenomenal music already existing (and may be in the making) yet to be heard and shared!

Musical excellence and greatness comes in all different sizes, languages, ages and personalities. I know my surroundings revolve around a totally different genre of music and not all the people associated with my music will get this, but to give a perspective, this song touched me in a way ‘Mera kuch saaman’ by Gulzar ji or ‘Jan Palbhar Mhantil by Bha Ra Tembe ji did.

Image courtesy : Buzzfeed

You kept me like a secret

But I kept you like an oath

Taylor Swift

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