Kdrama OSTs in hindi

I was always a books over movies and working/studying over games kinda person.
Eventually through music, I began to enjoy cinema and everything around it. Stills, lighting, frames, characters, storylines, plots and all the world in it.

My scope went from Bollywood to Hollywood, Regional Indian language-films and films in foreign languages. I am usually a person who does not easily cry while watching a film. I need a strong recipe of acting, background score, storyline and characters to be engrossed in the scene so much as to make my heart feel any emotion shown.

Recently I found my way into the Kdrama blackhole and let me tell you, it is TOTALLY worth the hype. To explain in plain terms, the feeling I got while watching kdramas it the feeling you get when you eat varan-bhaat-tup-limbu at home, after 15 days of travelling & eating outside food.
All perspectives and dimensions of this Kdrama phenomenon are impressive but I am stumped by the melodious OST’s.

I will write a separate post on the nuances of kdramas. For now, I am super excited to share that I have translated (written) a few of my favourite songs in HINDI and they are periodically released on my channel.
This is a unique songwriting experience as I have honestly attempted to keep the meaning of each line exactly the same as expressed in korean. Special thanks to the tons of explanatory blogs that I read which helped me understand the language and with the translation.

For those who are in my boat, I can’t wait to share the emotions in a language that we understand

For those who haven’t seen a single kdrama, please listen to these songs as something new and I hope you get drenched in the emotions.

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