I have inherited my love for plants and flowers from my mom.

Mogara is a song dedicated to the magical phenomenon of nature : the flower Mogara.
In India, almost all of us are used to the fragrance of Mogara since childhood and sometimes we miss out on appreciating its magic ! This song is a small attempt to do that!
In all my song-creation attempts, this one is where the poem by Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar was written first and the tune and the song came in later. It was possible because of the brilliant guitar accompaniment by my dear friend and outstanding musician : Radhika Anturkar

Lyrics : Sadhana Rajhans Tembhekar
Music, Vocals : Saee Tembhekar
Guitars : Radhika Anturkar
Plus One Ventures Production

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फुललेला हा मोगरा, मला चांदणेच भासे
त्याचा मनमोही गंध, मज लावितसे पिसे

हिरवीकंच त्याची पाने, फुलासंगे कशी खेळे
पानाआडच लपूनी ,फूल बघू दरवळे

जसे चढतसे ग ऊन, त्यांचा बघावा फुलोरा
दाह सोसूनि सुगंध, देतो आपणा सारा

चुकवूनी कळीला त्या, फूल घेणे एक कला
जो प्रेमी मोगर्‍याचा, तोच करू जाणे भला

सरतील दिसमास, वेळ त्याची निघण्याची
वाट बघत राहीन, माझ्या या सख्याची..!

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