Keep it green, double your happiness

I am of the humble opinion that, in the already existing set of chaos in our external environment, we can try and minimise the problems caused by us! There are a million ways to do it and I am always inspired by so many people sharing amazing ideas to do so!

The festival season has begun in India and the Ganesh festival marks an important one. At such times, I often remember powerful words from a very special song :

देव देव्हाऱ्यात नाही, देव नाही देवालयी
देव चोरुन नेईल, अशी कोणाची पुण्याई?

Idol worshipping is a topic for another day but today I would just like to share a small snippet of how we can double our festive happiness. Last year me and my husband made a Ganesh Idol out of our garden soil. We had sowed tomato seeds and till date we eat fresh tomatoes from the same plant! Watch the step by step process here :

Belief is a strong virtue and no-one is asking to step away from it. The only thing matters is how you practice your belief. If buying idols made from non bio-degradable materials makes some-one’s belief work, we are no-one to judge that some-one, but the planet will surely judge him/her, so good luck with that!

I know that sustainability is an ocean of actions and may be we can’t just achieve it with small drops all of a sudden. But just by taking small actions, we can surely add up to the level!

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