Why Minimalistic Songs?

I came across this concept of minimalism a couple of years ago. It has many aspects to it and from understanding it to living a life on the principle of minimalism, there are a lot of steps involved. I feel that I have at least crossed the first stage, that is to accept the fact mentally that we own, use and deal with a lot of clutter in our life, physically and mentally! Minimalism is a way to take out the chaos and highlight what really matters!

I have become a fan of minimalistic photography and have tried my hands on a few ideas which you can check on my instagram! I am following this lifestyle closely and would love to share all my experiences and thoughts on the same here on my blog platform!

When I started to work on ideas on 2020, I had a little dream to venture into independent music and I am so glad to have started the journey with my single, Saya Tujhi and my Album of 4 songs : Antar. Along with this, I had a plan of ‘minimalistic mondays’ : to present songs close to my heart in a minimalistic way. I admire the lyrics and melody of a few specific songs and I feel I could present them with the use of minimal instruments and also try my hands on programming! So all this gave rise to ‘minimalistic songs’ I also try to make the videos of these songs simple to watch and to go with the theme of minimalism.

If this concept excites you, welcome to the minimalistic club! Please have a look at a few minimalistic songs that I am sure you will enjoy.

Tu bin bataye Minimalistic Song by Saee

Avantika Title Song Minimalistic Version by Saee

Tu hi Re Minimalistic Song by Saee

Here is the link to the entire playlist

If you have any ideas or any requests for minimalistic versions of any songs, please feel free to comment below 🙂

Share love and music, take care and stay safe!

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