Long drives & Music

We are currently living in a virtual world where things like long drives seem like a melancholy. Long drive is a concept very close to my heart. Me and Manish (my better half) love to travel and our love for roads and serene drives is endless! One thing which is constant for any drive is : Music

Earlier we used to have a new playlist for each new trip but later when we realised that almost 90% of the songs remain constant, we just started adding to our existing one! Some songs have that inbuilt vibe in them which take you on a trip even when you are at home. Listening to such songs when on a long drive is like adding a nutri-boost to your adrenaline and travel spirit.

I have a very peculiar memory of long drives and music. We were once driving from Pune to Nagpur when I was in school and Dad had asked me to take care of cassettes to carry for the journey. I goofed up and we were left with just one, which was already in the car : Deewana by Sonu Nigam. We listened to the same cassette over and over again for those 12 hours, to and fro. Now, whenever I listen to any fraction of a song from that album, I am suddenly taken back to that specific road trip.

Similarly, when we were touring Ladakh, our guide had this peculiar Ladakhi prayer music in his car. It was like the entire natural beauty was translated into that music. I have always been excited about music that soothes long drives and finally came up to making one such song which I will definitely add to my long drive list – not because its my song, but because of the vibes it carries.

Do you have any specific memory about long drives and music ? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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