One handmade malpua please?

When I first heard this song from Akshay Kumar’s Padman, I was annoyed. My minimal tolerance to  bland lyrics had already put a filter for me for this particular song!

 ओ तेरे कंधे का जो तिल है, ओ तेरे सीने में जो दिल है
ओ तेरी बिजली का जो बिल है, आज से मेरा हो गया !

WHAT??? It also continued when his pin code number became hers! I forcefully listened to the song playing on the radio multiple times when the film was running.

And suddenly one day when I was eating my favourite ‘rasagulla’ bought from one of our favourite stores, just for getting which, my husband drove 20kms after a hard day at work, I pondered upon the lines of this same song, बस मेरे लिए तु मालपुए कभी कभी बना देना ! ❤️ Unexpectedly, everything about this song changed for me. The romantic lyrics go from “I will get you the sun, stars and rains and every impossible thing” and end with the request of making his favourite dessert for him, sometimes! I loved the simplicity of this thought. Moreover, simple expectations. The concept of specially doing something for someone, has so much powerful emotions.  I feel this concept important today, because we hardly find time to do anything extra other than our work and daily chores. Taking efforts to make someone happy by going out of the way, is such an amazing feeling. Things like writing a letter , making a handmade card, cooking something, making an artwork and anything that involves personal efforts specially dedicated for that someone makes the task so fulfilling for both the doer and the receiver. My mom making my favourite ‘gulabjam’ and me savouring and gulping them is like Newton’s third law of motion : To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! 
This is not about the cooking. I personally detest the concept of the lady in the house struggling day and night in the kitchen to make ‘handmade’ meals for her family, while the family watches TV. This is about knowing what your loved ones like and doing precisely that at the perfect time to make them happy! I am a kind of a person that savours the small handwritten gift tags from the  gifts that I receive from all my loved ones. Anything that involves slightest of the personal touch excites me and I can feel the emotion of love and care right away! Going that extra mile to make your loved one happy with simple things isn’t always easy. Just like letters got converted to emails and phone calls to texts and Facebook comments, the emotions and personal touch behind doing something for someone is slowly missing in action. Today is the day to feel satisfied by the ‘HBD’ on your Facebook timeline from the same people who used to plan ahead for a special surprise on your birthday in the long past.
Amidst the awkward gatherings and artificial relations, if you have someone who knows what is your ‘maalpua’ and who goes miles to make it or get it for you, you are richer than so many people out there! 

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