Kuch To Log Kahenge

The biggest factor that comes in the way of normal comfortable living of humans who care about almost anything and everything is this awful thought : Log kya kahenge? (what will people say)
Whenever I hear dialogues related to this thought, the first things that comes to my mind are, who are these log ? The crowds that we see on the roads? The people in your neighbourhood? Your relatives? Your friends? Right from what to wear, how you look, what you should study, whom you should marry till if and when you should have kids, all decisions of certain humans can be based on this monster thought:  log kya kahenge! 
The discomfort by basing the decisions on what people would think is the unwanted chain you are tying yourself with. If you are not wearing comfortable cotton shorts in the hot summers, because ‘log kya kahenge’ it is high time you understand that torturing yourself with heat and sweat will not stop the same people from saying ‘Oh look how sweaty he/she is, how awful he/she smells!’ Aspects of your life like wearing comfortable clothing, eating what you like, enjoying with friends and family, taking a vacation, choosing the profession you love and many other personal decisions impact the whole of you to a level no one understands but you! Living up to your choices is the best you can do for yourself. 
Like some old superstitions and meaningless traditions, log kya kahenge is a deep rooted thought that has a strong grip over our society. We have outgrown many such unwanted thoughts and it is time to say goodbye to living for what people would think about you! And most importantly, stop being one amongst those log! Living life or fulfilling the purpose that you are on this earth for, cannot be accomplished without your well being. Doing something that makes you happy or comfortable is NOT a crime. More than half dreams die in the process of thinking log kya kahenge.  People will talk. Whether you are a failure or a success. Whether you are married or single. Whether you have kids or no. But YOU are the only one who is going to face the outcome of any of the decisions that you take. 
Whether you are the president of any country, Aishwarya Rai, Batman or a simple middle class person, working 9-5 : PEOPLE WILL TALK! So why bother? Isn’t it simple to follow your heart and lead a happy life? 
Such visionary lyrics by Anand Bakshi ji in the evergreen song from Amar Prem, 
कुछ रीत जगत कि ऎसी है , हार एक सुभह कि शाम हुई तू कौन है, तेरा नाम है क्या, सीता भी यहां बदनाम हुई, फिर संसार कि बातों से, भीग  गये तेरे नैना ! कुछ तो लॉग कहेंगे , लोगों का काम है कहनाछोडो बेकार की  बातों   में काहीं बीत ना जाये रैना …

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2 thoughts on “Kuch To Log Kahenge

  1. Live and let live..
    As long as your actions don’t have negative impact on others we should stop get bothered..

  2. Bang on…. Perfect this is.. Actually we are the ones who get tied up in this unwanted jail of “log kya kahenge”… If humans could understand the others’ life dont depend on your judgement, what life would be.. 😇

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