You are so Beautiful

I recently had the golden opportunity to spend a couple of hours with my little niece. Looking at things from a little child’s angle (knowingly and willingly) is a always a life changing perspective. 
So, in between a thousand things that we had to do, at our big fat family get-together, me and my cousins found a few hours of chill-time and there we were – on the dining table, a long time even after dinner was over, chatting endlessly – about life, career, opportunities, work life balance, jealousy, rivalry and all sorts of stupid adult stuff. I added the adjective stupid, because of what happened some time later. 
My niece was in the living room, painting something calmly; probably singing something to herself while doing so. We were so engrossed in our ‘adult talk’, that we just looked at her at one point unknowingly, when she asked abruptly : “How do you spell mavshi” ? ( mavshi = maternal aunt in marathi ) Someone told her the spelling and back we were in our illusional adult world of endless chats. We all discussed our work scenarios and so many things which we had defined as ‘problems’. We consoled each other and promised to meet often, as all of this felt so good. After about roughly an hour, our energies drowned and there was a small pause in the talks. 
That is when my niece slowly walked in near the dining table and said : ‘I made this for you Saee Mavshi’. 

A simple card which she painted read : ‘You are so beautiful’. She had painted one for all my cousins which read simple words like ‘Be as you are’, ‘You are inspiring’ and so on! At that moment, we all stood still. She had the answers to all our ‘problems’ which we were excitedly discussing minutes ago. I felt like I suddenly started seeing clearer, like someone had just replaced my glasses with another colour, and now things were simpler! We often read quotes like : Life is simple, we complicate it! This instance in my life was a live example of living this quote. 
This incidence with my niece will be etched in my good memories forever and I will remind myself to have a look at this card whenever I feel low. A kid sees the world as it is, we add our fears and so many emotions, analyse it in multiple ways to create a picture for us. I agree to the fact that may be today in 2020, that is what we are supposed to do as adults. But, I also feel, that we should try and look towards things from the kids’ eyes intermittently and that is when you will realise, no matter what anyone says or what the definition says, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! 
Take the energy from the feeling and the world will surely be a different place for you! A good one, indeed! 

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