Dil Cheeze Kya Hai (Live)

Performing in Live Concerts is one experience that every artist craves for. I usually don’t upload my live performances online since I prefer it to be enjoyed ‘Live’ but sharing a few along this musical journey to remind me and you how fabulous it is to be in the setting of a Live Concert.

Dil Cheeze kya hai is one of my most favourite compositions from the renowned film Umrao Jaan composed by Khayyam ji. This film came out a decade before I was born but I can feel every intensity of its music. This has been one of my go-to songs to perform Live, especially when I have amazing musicians with me,

Sharing this song performed Live in the Simply Saee Concert at Zapurza last year. Hope to see you around in my next Live concert. I promise you it will be worth your time!

Accompanying me for this concert were Radhika Anturkar on guitars, Deepti Kulkarni on Harmonium and Aditya Athalye on tabla. I wish the sound was better I am used to the Studio quality of sound now and this one is directly captured from the camera! But it does give an excerpt of a live concert which has multi-dimensional elements of experiencing a song.

Hope you enjoy this live rendition! Would you like to be a part of our next LIVE concert?

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