Rimjhim Gire Saawan

Music has a unique connection with rain. There are so many tunes, lyrics and melodies which we associate with music. I am sure all of us have a special list of songs for monsoons. Last year I couldn’t choose one so I made a medley of 7-8 marathi songs and released a Paus Mashup

This year I could not stop humming this song since the day it started raining in my city and I realised that it is the Ace of Spades of Rain songs .

Another interesting fact about this song from Panchamda is that it is composed by using komal gandhaar and komal dhaiwat – the swaras usually used to denote the emotion of sadness or intensity. It is magical to so much positivity and sweetness in the composition despite those intense swars! When we look at it in this way, we realise what a genius composer RD Burman was!

Which is your favourite rain song ?

Hope this gives you as much happiness as it gave me!

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