Our go-to place for plant shopping in Pune

Me and my husband are both plant enthusiasts and we started our plant journey from 4 tiny plants in out little balcony to a 45 plant collection today in our new home! Gardening is an exceptionally satisfying experience and we love to spend time in our little green spaces.

We have tried a lot of options to buy seeds and plants but our current go-to place is this big nursery on NH-4

‘The Enchanted Garden’ is a perfect name for this nursery which offers a generous option of both indoor and outdoor plants. What I personally like about this place is that it is neatly organised and each plant is tagged with its name and price, helping you to make easy decisions

One word of caution though : we are never able to stick to our budgets and often overshoot while buying plants here : such is the power of the appealing display of the beautiful greens!

The right section of the nursery offers a stunning variety of planters, and plant stands alongside compost, plant food and plant medicine. We are experimenting with home compost since 1 year and have fabulous results ( I will write a separate blog post on that soon ), so we don’t usually buy compost from outside anymore

This is the only guilt free shopping I have been able to do since the past couple of years. While absorbing heaps of data/information/knowledge I have started to ponder a lot on the multiplying effects of push marketing, fast fashion and shallow lifestyles of almost all of us!

Outdoor section of the nursery

Hoarding stuff is not the right way to go about but having a little more plants will do more good than bad. So if you want to ramp up a green corner in your house, don’t hesitate to shop guilt-free !

*This is not a paid review and my honest and personal recommendation

Details and location of The Enchanted Garden

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