Vrukshavalli – a new place for plant & garden lovers

You can never have enough plants – said wise men! We are always scouting for places to get good quality and a variety of indoor and garden plants and accessories. After my latest post on – Our Go-to Place for Plant Shopping in Pune was so much loved, I decided to write and share all our gardening experiences for fellow gardening enthusiasts.

We came across this newly built nursery and book shop in Pune – Vrukshavalli. The first thing which attracted me to it was its brilliant aesthetics! The fresh and positive feeling that you get while entering stays with you for a long time.

Vruskshavalli has one the widest variety of planters and hanging pots that I’v seen in Pune. The way in which all these pots are displayed is so aesthetic and beautiful that it is hard to get away without buying a few. The people entertained all our queries patiently and keenly showed us around!

Sharing the location above for all garden enthusiasts to go and check out this new place! Please note that this is NOT A PAID REVIEW. I always make it clear to share my personal and unbiased experiences. The name itself is such cool and meaningful that it gains brownie points for it! Also, it has a small section of books. So it technically is a book-plant shop! Do visit this beautiful place and share your experience with me. Tag me on any socials, so I can read your thoughts on it !

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