Better Caul Saul – I need a screenshot of each frame

The morning after finishing a phenomenal series of multiple episodes is a bit different for me than regular mornings. I have to spill out my feelings and so here comes this blog. I am trying to jot down all experiences which impact me as a human being & this blog is my space for journaling.

To all those are new to this space, Better Caul Saul is a prequel-sequel to one of the most outstanding television series till date : Breaking Bad is the HIGHEST rated series on imdv and the only one to have a rating of 9.5. Better Caul Saul is considered to be one of the best examples of how to create a prequel as usually prequels/sequels fail to fulfil viewer expectations. Better Caul Saul is the story of an earnest lawyer, Jimmy Mcgill who is a former con-artist to an intoxicating defence criminal lawyer.

63 episodes of a spectacular storytelling experience is the most dilute form of appreciation I can think of at the moment. I had watched Breaking Bad in 2017 and 6 years later today, here I was again on a journey of closure I didn’t know I needed.

Apart from the strong characters, magnificent writing & a captivating storyline, the aspect which I personally enjoyed the most was the outstanding camera. The cinematography of Better Caul Saul is so incredible that I actually had the urge to pause at every alternate frame to study the light and the camera position.

Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman – The birth of Saul Goodman from Jimmy McGill felt like such a natural process. There is too much to say about Saul and nothing will suffice to describe the perplexing character. Bob Odenkirk has joined my list of people who I feel have super-powers to make their characters feel so real.

kim Wexler

Kim Wexler – I will not lie when I say that I watched this series 1% more for Kim than Saul. Rhea Seehorn, you stunning powerful lady, you have my heart. It is a therapeutic experience to watch the character of Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul

Gustavo Fring

Gus Fring- I have not being able to forget this negative character & its impact on the storyline since Better Caul Saul & it was so amazing to watch it in more depth in Better Caul Saul


Mike Ehrmantraut – Mike is the third reason I can’t stop admiring this series. Jonathan Banks and his deep voice gives a positive chill throughout the series.

Howard Hamlin, Chuck McGill, Nacho Verga, Lalo Salamanca and evern Franchesca are jewels in this outstanding series. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have a magical writer-director formula to churn out emotions which we don’t know we have. I could never imagine something better than Breaking Bad could exist but here comes Better Caul Saul to knock off all the previous outstanding-ness.

Film-making, storytelling, dialogue writing, cinematography, casting and finally acting – all of these aspects sewed together perfectly into a suit which not only looks stunning but also feels like a bliss is seldom possible. The locations shown in Albuquerque throughout the series, just like in Breaking Bad are terrific!

Sharing one amongst the many scenes that had a major impact on me as an artist. The scene where Chuck Mcgill plays the piano starts by zooming in on a metronome & the way it moves on to the piano keys and his face is absolutely mindblowing! And the light! OMG! I can’t even…….

Piano scene of Chuck
Just have a look at the light in this frame!

I will be reminiscing frames from these episodes and miss these characters for a long time.

9.7/10 for me!

I am a super fan of all the creators of Better Call Saul and will miss this theme playing so much.This is my honest attempt at covering it in the Indian notation. The electric guitar with the vintage amps in the original composition by Little Barrie has given the title a phenomenal feel. I have tried to express it through my vocals. Honest you like my honest attempt.

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