Breaking Bad

Resharing this old blog post I wrote as a kid in 2017 😉 because I want to write about its family sequel Better Caul Saul today in 2022. No spoilers ahead.

I woke up with my head still aching. I could not think of anything else. We had binge-watched last 6 episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ the previous night. My mind was still hovering around Walter White, Skyler White and Jesse Pinkman. We were cruising along this one since a couple of months but the excitement and the pace made us binge-watch the last season. We were pretty late at catching up this super awesome excitement on television but as always, better late than never.

Walter White is the lead character of this series called ‘Breaking Bad’ who is a brilliant nobel winning chemistry genius who is a simple chemistry teacher as the series begins. As he is diagnosed with cancer, the series takes a turn as he decides to use his chemistry knowledge to make meth and provide for his family. The entire process of his ‘breaking bad’ is brilliantly portrayed by the director Vince Gilligan. 

The best part of the series is the pace with which the story moves forward. It is exhilarating to keep pace with the changes in the plot. The series plays an emotional game with the viewers, where we know that he is doing wrong but from the inside we still secretly wish that he succeeds in it. The director and the crew has succeeded in addicting the audience to the characters. 

Breaking Bad changed my perception towards various concepts of cinema viewing. The entire series is so intense that you often feel the need to take small breaks to make your mind accept the inevitable. The basics of chemistry are so brilliantly used in various scenarios that you newly fall in love with the subject. 

This series made me look at ‘life’ through a different angle. There are so many hidden personality traits in your own self and the people surrounding you, which are hidden in the ‘normal’ circumstances. We usually watch multiple genre cinemas and television shows. There are extremely few that actually make a place inside your head for a long time. Such few cinematic artworks, which you can remember frame by frame, dialogue by dialogue make an impact on you as a personality. 

I really marvel the process of making of such masterpieces. Hats off to the entire team for gluing the audience to the process of ‘turning bad’ and yet feel good about the ending. Endings are a challenge for such intense topics. Not giving away any spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet, but the ending of this show is a winner! 

I’m sure to have a lot of fans of this show with me and may be also a few varied opinions. This blog is dedicated to W.W : to make me feel bad about feeling good about you going bad and feeling great in the end! 

Too much of feelings there! 

P.S. : This blog just expresses my personal opinions. 

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