Atmapamphlet : if there is something beyond MUST WATCH, it is for this

I just came home after watching Atmapamphlet and I could not resist myself from writing about the film which felt like breathing fresh air in the polluted world of over-content – after such a long time. Right now, the feeling which I carry is – to call each and every sensitive and thoughtful person I know and to personally tell them to watch this film.

Atmapamphlet is a story of a young boy who grows up in the early 80-90’s and witnesses social changes in India. I personally feel that good quality comedy is one of the most difficult genre and to showcase the topic handled by this film in this genre is a herculean task. I have always been a huge fan of Paresh Mokashi’s work. Harishchandrachi Factory, Elizabeth Ekadashi, Chi va Chi Sau Ka and the most recent Vaalvi – all of them are in my personal favourite lists. I was keen not to miss Atmapamphlet and this film aces in every aspect.

All the young actors have done such a phenomenal job. The dialogues are stunning and the visuals keep you glued to the screen. The ninetees nostalgia that this film creates is beyond words. The moment the storyline switches to the intricate topic of ‘unity’ is so subtle and the way in which it is portrayed with comedy is immensely exceptional.

I’m trying to write this without giving out any spoilers but I also want to document my favourite scenes from the film.So please read this part after you have seen the film. So here it goes.

  1. The ‘भावांनो’ huddle of the boys was the sweetest. I have the urge to do it with all my friends everytime we meet now.
  2. The innocence of all the kid-actors is visible in their eyes and that is what gives the entire film the edge.
  3. The moment they realise about filling forms and the kids ask – हे कुठे करून मिळतं ? was so simple and deep.
  4. When the kids say to each other – I know you didn’t do any of the stuff – even if your ancestors did
  5. The kadhai scene
  6. The last kinetic honda scene

This film has subtitles so you can watch it even if you don’t understand Marathi. And if you know Marathi, you will have one of the best 1.5 hours of your life.

This is not a paid review and I personally do not know any of the film makers. This is an honest attempt at spreading the happiness, joy and satisfaction I felt after watching this film. Ashish Bende, Take a Bow. Thank you for creating this masterpiece. Paresh Mokashi, so blessed to be living in the same era as you. It will be a dream to be associated with your work someday!

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