Nastes Ghari Tu Jevha

If someone asks me, which are the top few songs which have impacted you emotionally, this song will perpetually be in the list In the past few decades, I have heard this song from Saleel dada and Sandeep dada so many times. I had not attempted to sing it till today because I had a respectful fear of not being able to achieve that intensity of emotion. But while practicing this song, I realised that it is almost everyone’s song. It feels so personal. The concept of expressing this emotion of what happens when your loved one is not at home itself is so magical. Hats off to Sandeep Khare for creating this masterpiece and for giving so much to so many of us and hats off to Saleel dada for expressing the intensity so effortlessly through his voice.

This is my honest attempt at this masterpiece, if you like it, please do share it with your loved ones!

Iv sung it in D in the tempo of 63 in the time signature 4/4

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