Journey to the centre of the Earth – a historic sci-fi adventure

The only magical fact that I am currently still hung on is that this book was published in 1864 and I am reading it in 2023! This book was first written in French and later translated in multiple languages. I love the genre of science fiction and when I found out that Jules Verne, the famous french author was often referred to as the ‘father of science fiction’, I knew that I had to dive in his world. Our last Crossword shopping led us to buy a few classics and I picked my copy of ‘Journey to the center of the Earth’

This is a book documenting the journey of a famous mineralogist professor, his nephew and their loyal guide while they try to find their way into the centre of the earth through an Icelandic Volcanic opening.

The details of their travels in the earth’s crust, the realities, challenges and the imagination together make it an interesting read. More than how they reach the centre, I was curious to know how they manage to come out!

Jules Verne’s writing style was very new to me The descriptions and titles were straightforward. It gave me a glimpse into the simplicity and clarity in everything in the 1800’s. It is fascinating how books and ideas travel across centuries and places.

If you are a sci-fi lover and like a tinge of old writing style, you will enjoy this book! It was a refreshing read amidst my latest original release work.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?

What are you currently reading?

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