Tu Tevha Tashi

Tu Tevha Tashi is one of the most romantic and sweet melody in marathi music. I have always been a fan of Pt Hridaynath ji’s composing style and his work is one of my primary inspirations. This composition from the film Nivdung is written my Aarti Prabhu (Chi Trya Khanolkar) If you just read the kavita, it is beautiful in itself but it doesn’t seem like it can be hummed into a song but when you listen to the melody you realise the power of the composer!

This is my first attempt at singing this song, like all other male-voiced songs which I sung for my youtube channel earlier, ( Laajun Haasne, Toch Chandrama Nabhat, Pahile na me tula, Santh Vaahte Krishnamai and a lot more)

Please do share the music if you like it!

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