It Ends with Us – Colleen Hoover – my binge journey

I binged a book after such a long time and Oh My God what a book this was! It is a funny story how I came across Colleen Hoover and her work. While scrolling through instagram, one day I saw a quote on one gen Z’s post. It was so beautiful and I wondered what this gen Z kid is into that the ninetees kid in me has absolutely no idea of ! ( Of course Im sure there are a million things that fall in this bracket 😁 ) But I got an actual FOMO after reading that quote which lead me into the Colleen Hoover world. I am just one book old but I can already imagine how amazing all of them will be because I genuinely enjoyed her writing.

It Ends With Us – is a story about a girl named Lily whom we meet in two stages of her life, as a teenager and as an adult. The beauty of Colleen’s writing lies in the free flowing nature of her storytelling. The imagination machine of your brain kicks off from the first page itself! I’m a book-before-movie person and I like to build my own imaginations of the characters, the locations and the scenarios described in the book. This book takes you through a thrilling journey of Lily and the characters around her. I’m carefully penning down this blog and its taking great amount of self-control to not leave any spoilers.

Its hard for me to believe that the societal issue on which this book is wholly but subtly based , still exists in our society and that too globally! ‘It ends with us’ is a heart-warming emotional journey through beautiful story-telling. I am so glad that in my time of binging web series and TV shows this book got me to binge-read!

I can’t wait to read more from her. Have you read any of Colleen Hoover’s books? What are your views? Would love to know in the comments section. I’m slowly trying to get back to reading more and this blog is my way of documenting my journey. If you click on the category of ‘Read List’ I have a few blogs about my latest reads!

Clicked this one right after finishing the book, it was so dark by the time I finished that I had to bring my table-ring light to read in my garden ☺️

P. S : I can’t keep calm since I saw this in my post-appreciation-instagram-scrolling session!!!!!

What are you currently reading?

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