In the world of Ram, Sita, Raavan

I was captured as a loyal reader by author Amish Tripathi since the first book that I read, written by him. He is not unknown in the world of readers but in this vast ocean of books and languages, there might be a slight chance that one may have missed this profound part of literature. So here’s sharing my personal view of Amish’s latest book series after finishing the much awaited book – The War of Lanka!

After finishing the Shiva trilogy, I hopped to the Ramchandra series without further ado. I am going to share how and why I get an immersive experience while reading Amish’s writing.

  • His writing style is descriptive yet not too lengthy.
  • Amish has successfully combined the world of mythology and fiction in a way that you feel it is real as well as you enjoy the fiction element in it.
  • The characters are so well-designed and the conversations between them feel real and sincere.
  • We as readers, almost get the gift of being an onlooker to the scene happening in the book.
  • The way he has described Ancient India gives us a sense of pride and astonishment at the same time as to how exceptional our historic way of life must have been

Ramchandra Series

The first book in this series is about Ram. The book builds up his character in the heart of the reader and he is a leader we all wish we lived under. The second book is about Sita. Sita is not just Ram’s wife but a warrior and this book describes her life before meeting Ram and how they grow together through their thoughts. The third book is about Raavan. I found this one the most fascinating as I could look at this character through such a unique perspective. Amish has kept most of the aspects intact as per mythology and has tastefully added his own fictional elements to it. If you are a fan of fiction and/or mythology, you MUST read this series especially to experience the way he has depicted the character of Raavan. I don’t want to give any spoilers here so I am limiting my blog to the appreciation element.

Amish took a loooooong (too long) gap to release the fourth book in the series : The War of Lanka. I read and share the love of this book series with dad and we rushed to pre-order the book. I took my time to indulge and read the book slowly and calmly over a couple of weeks. It felt so good to enter the world of Ram, Sita and Raavan after so many years. The readers were pestering Amish about the fourth book and it did not fail to satisfy us!

You are always a changed person after you finish reading a book. You are a few words and a handful of emotions wiser. I also feel a deep vacuum after finishing good book like this one. Just like I feel after watching a catchy web series

Have you read Amish Tripathi’s books? What are you currently reading now? Do let me know in the comments section.

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