Wonderful Women Entrepreneurs you can’t miss

Success isn’t about how much money you make, it is about how much difference you make in people’s lives says Michelle Obama. In today’s world of numbers and views and likes. I wish to share these few wonderful women entrepreneurs I came across, who have a unique quality of standing out in the crowd.

1 . Sunita Gokhale (Earthing Store)

Sunita is a passionate climate warrior and runs an Eco Store called Earthing Her ceaseless efforts helps achieve Zero waste. She feels that the future lies in sustainability
#swachbharat is possible only if citizens take conscious steps to cut down on waste and make mindful choices today

Check out her Store https://www.earthingstore.in

2. Bhakti Naik (Tambulya Creations)

Bhakti is the owner of Tambulya Creations She is into handmade arts crafts and jewellery, exclusively Maharashtrian jewellery in the US. It was her hobby and passion and she is creating wonderful jewellery for more than 7 yrs now.

Check out her Store http://www.tambulyacreations.com/

3. Akshada Risbud (Madeleine by Akshada)

Akshada is a passionate artist and creates beautifully handcrafted products through her brand Madeleine.by.akshada If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or a handmade artwork, check out her work.

Madeleine.by.Akshada – a brand of handicrafts, quilled products and little pieces of art.
We are into Russian sculpture painting, acrylic paintings and advanced paper quilling.
We offer unique homedecor items and customised gifts.
We would really appreciate any love or encouragement that you can show virtually – or even otherwise!
Kindly send us a DM to place your orders!

Check out her Store https://instagram.com/madeleine.by.akshada

4. Janhavi Kulkarni (Anjor by Janhavi)

Anjor is a clothing brand which specialises in hand painting, embroidered, hand crafted & designes exclusive clothing items Janhavi is a Pioneer creator of Parijaat Saree

Check out her store : https://www.instagram.com/anjorbyjanhavi/

5. Ritu Gavandi (Babylon Greens)

Ritu Gavani is the owner of Babylon Greens. She grows residue-free fruits, veggies and leafy greens in both hydroponic systems and in soil. Her produce is harvested in less than 24hours prior to delivery which means it’s fresher than anything you’ve bought in a supermarket!

Check out her Store : https://www.instagram.com/babylongreens.in/

6. Rama Kulkarni (Hunar By Rama)

While fulfilling all the responsibilities we have, we forget to look at ourselves. Self care, self love are most underrated things in our society. Hunar, a jewellery brand curated with this thought of Self-Love.
Hunar jewellery is all about giving yourself the love and affection you deserve. With these pocket friendly pieces, you can make all your jewellery dreams come true. With stunning designs, Hunar gives you the opportunity to look amazing without breaking the bank. Whether you are going for an evening look or a subtle everyday feel, Hunar jewellery is perfect to add a touch of elegance to your style.

Check out her Store : https://www.instagram.com/hunarbyrama/

7. CHINMAYEE GODBOLE (Kathakaar nitraalay)

Chinmanyee says : Kathak has always been my passion. Dance has the power to express feelings that words often fail to. Kathak is an art of story telling and a versatile Indian Classical Dance Style! Opening my very own dance academy has always been my dream hence, Kathakaar Nrityalaya, is a place where you learn to tell your own story!

Check out her work here : https://www.instagram.com/kathakaar.nrityalaya/

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