Working with a multi-grammy winning producer with an original song

This tiny little thing here – its called happiness. In our area of work, there are awards and recognitions and there are experiences. This little school going (maharashtrian) girl who grooved on to Ricky Martin’s Maria did not know that SHE WOULD BE WORKING WITH the producer of that song 2 decades later.
Some things are unexplained and only heartfelt music can answer them. KC Porter (the legendary Grammy winning producer who wrote and produced Ricky Martin’s Maria along with many masterpieces) heard my original composition ‘Saya Tujhi‘ and said that he loved my sound and wanted a song written and composed for his project. It took me a while to digest the fact that I was indeed talking to a MUILTIPLE GRAMMY WINNING PRODUCER who has worked with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, just to name a few.

I have been singing since I was a kid and had never imagined that I could ever compose/write a song till a couple of years ago. Self-doubt, peer pressure, lack of motivation from people you look up to, perpetual health issues, multiple surgeries, viral>quality content world, created enough hurdles for me to ease giving up. But the way my heart feels warm when I am with music and the happiness in the eyes of my parents, family and friends, when I do something good in music, keeps me going.

Today I am 14 songs old in the world of songwriting/composing and the 15th song was ‘Dil Aasmaan’

In this world of 82 million songs, a legendary International artist loved my work and commissioned me to write a song for him. Today, I am happy for that every single time I decided NOT to give up!
I am grateful for
1. The internet – for making music cross all boundaries
2. Spotify – for making music so easily accessible & valued
3. For existence of people in the world who believe in good work (and not just followers and view counts)

The song Dil Aasmaan is available in Meta’s sound collection (Instagram and Facebook Music) and is free to download!

Is jameen par chaand taare mil na paaye to,
Jhaank lo tum dil mein mere Pyaar se jo,
Dil Aasmaan, Pyaar se Bhara
Dil Aasmaan, Gehra Ujlaa

Tum jo ho to saath mere,
Khil Uthe duniya
Tere bin na koi din ho
Ho na koi ratiya
Chanda ko bolun khulke
Usse to pyaara laage
Baahon mein jab hoon mein tere,
Taaron ko bolun lene
Roshni teri aake
Saath mere jo tu muskaaye

Jhaank lo tum dil mein mere pyaar se jo,
Dil Aasmaan, Pyaar se Bhara
Dil Aasmaan, Gehra Ujlaa

Song Instruments Credits
Sitar : Varun Nimbolkar
Guitars : Radhika Anturkar
Tabla : Aditya Athalye

Producer : KC Porter, Saee Tembhekar
Engineered by: Saee Tembhekar, Javier Valdeavellano (mix), JP Berreondo (master)

Link to listen/download FREE for Dil Aasmaan :

You can also use the song in your Facebook/ Instagram Stories/ Reels!

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