How we convert waste to black gold (our composting story)

Amongst all the posts that all the content creators share, when they talk about valuable concepts like composting, gender equality. climate change, those are the posts after scrolled through and never consumed by the audience. I’m clueless as of today, as to how we can change this consumption behaviour but the only thing we can do is keep sharing and talking about things that matter. To the 10% people who clicked on the link inspite of reading the heading and are still reading, you are very special people and I admire you so much.

I was introduced to the concept of composting by my grandfather and my mom tried numerous ways to compost in the past but we used to bug her due to the fouls smell of the entire process. It was recently in 2020 that I came across this Bangalore based company Daily Dump , who has simplified the process of composting so much that I am sure any sensible person who has sensitivity will imbibe this in their daily routine. THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW.

Above is an explainer video as to how we follow the composting process. The entire concept of having pure organic compost in your hand converted from wet waste from your own house is so satisfying. Imagine not having to put your waste bin outside for months! Taking care of our own waste in this manner is the basic essence of living and giving back to this planet on a household-level. It is extremely easy but it also requires dedication and just a little bit of efforts.

Freshly made compost

Steps we follow to convert our kitchen waste to the black gold of compost

  1. Accumulate everyday’s kitchen waste in a container
  2. Put it in the composter bin at the end of the day and add a little coco-peat powder in it.
  3. Repeat point 2 everyday till the composter bin is full and then switch the bin.
  4. Add microbes powder to the filled bin and mix the compost.
  5. When all the three bins are near-to-full, the compost is almost ready. Take the bins out and sieve the compost.
  6. Proudly own a box full of compost and use it for the home garden! To convert it into beautiful and healthy leaves and flowers again!

What magic is this nature’s cycle! Everything gets converted into something meaningful! Composting is a natural process and can be done anywhere with basic containers. I personally found Daily Dump useful after trying multiple options. If you find this interesting and would like to try it, do drop in a message below in the comments and I will be happy to share a referral code which will give you a discount. (Please note again, this is not a paid review. I am purely sharing my personal recommendations and experiences)

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