Sakhya Re Ghayal Me Harini

Even if we forget the times someone close to us hurt us, in some way, we cannot forget how it made us feel. We can forget the exact words, timing, incident, but the feeling you got at that time lingers for a longer time. This song makes me feel such an emotion. The melody is so intense and deep that it connects to the innermost intense experiences that I have had over the years, incidents when I felt helpless, when I felt betrayed and when I longed for love. The melody also gives me strength, especially Lata didi’s voice in this song. Strength and power overflows with her voice amongst the feeling of vulnerability that the words + composition takes us to

Presenting my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Hope you like it. Please do comment and share if you do! Thank you in advance.

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Sakhya Re Written by Jagdish Khebudkar | Composed by Bhaskar Chandawarkar | Voice : Lata didi | Film : Saamna

Sakhya Re Ghayal Me Harini Cover by Saee : Scale E , Time Signature 4/4, Tempo 84

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